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Office Organizing: Part 7 – Lists

by Angela on March 14, 2012


{Photo from MomAgenda}

The final piece of this 7 part series of Office Essentials is lists.  You know the ones: your lists of calls to make, appointments to schedule, things to do, who needs to go where and when (AKA-your calendar), and your shopping list just to name a few.  Here are some of my favorite picks for keeping track of yourself and your families’ schedules.


{Photo from MomAgenda}

To-Do’s and calendars converge in the hip and helpful Mom Agenda allowing Mom to keep track of projects, appointments, and things to do all in one place.  There’s even space at the bottom to write your dinner menu for the week!  Although many people are using calendars and note systems on their phones there are still many people who would prefer to write things out and the MomAgenda can do the job beautifully.

{Photo above from Planner Pad}

The Planner Pad also combines both your calendar and your tasks.  The Planner Pad allows you to separate your tasks into different groups or categories which I really liked.  So you could create a category for each family member if you wanted to in order to keep track of their activities and projects.  You can visit the Planner Pad web-site if you are interested in learning more about it or see my blog post “Planner Pad is Worth a Try”

Last but not least is the most nourishing list of them all: your weekly menu and grocery list.  By planning in advance what’s for dinner you are saving yourself headaches of figuring it out at the last minute and ending up with take-out again!  When you start planning your weekly menu you will also find that your grocery trips decrease!  Before I started menu planning my husband and I were going to the grocery store just about every day!  Now I purchase the items we need for 3-4 days.  This has saved my both time and sanity.  Weekly menu’s/grocery list should be easy to find at your local super store, office store, and even many craft stores.  But in case you just have to have one right now I have created one you can print yourself.  Click her for the PDF.

I hope this has you inspired you to try to find the right system to manage ALL those lists in your life!
Have you tried one of these planners?  Let me know what you think.