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The Planner Pad Is Worth A Try

by Angela on January 29, 2008

Planner Pad Greetings to everyone during this last week of January.  As the first month of 2008 has already gone by like a high speed train I want to take a moment to talk about my personal choice for a planner this year.  Choosing the right planner or calendaring system is not always an easy decision.  I like to try different ones so I can let you know what I think about them.  I have tried the paper and electronic systems from Franklin Covey, the Levenger Circa system, Microsoft Outlook, and a few different Microsoft based PDA’s. 

This year I decided to try the Planner Pad.  This unique product works like a funnel capturing your weekly “to do list” for each project or area of your life in the top section, your daily to do list in the next section, followed by your daily schedule in the bottom section.  This system helps you see everything that needs to get done and then integrates the high priority items into your day (calendar). 

I really like the way the Planner Pad breaks down your tasks into groups.  This has helped me so much.  Sometimes personal items can get lost among the work items and with this system you can create any section you want and you can change it by the week or as you complete a project.

The Planner Pad is available in three sizes, spiral bound or for a three ring binder, and multiple covers are available.  I am using the medium, or Executive size and would recommend that size.  I think the smaller size may be limiting in the amount you can write for each task.  I also like the spiral bound system because it is still slim enough to carry along with me just about anywhere.

For me I like to see things on paper and so this system has really been easy to use and a great motivator.  Are you are using a planner or calendaring system that you love?  I’d love to hear about it. 

Checking a task off your to do list…now that’s the good life!

Enjoy the good life,


Photo from Planner Pad.

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