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Playroom Makeover Part 5 – Displaying Artwork

by Angela on March 20, 2012

In December I started my girls playroom makeover and it was going great.  You can see Part 1: Stuffed AnimalsPart 2: CollectionsPart 3: Box RefreshPart 4: Dress Up, and a side post on Organizing Fairy Wings (you’ll only need this if you have young girls) by clicking the above links. Then, I’m sure you can relate, my family and business life got very busy and my project had to slow down.  It happens, even to organizers!  So here is what I’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

I was struggling with how to display my kids artwork.  I had tons of ideas but nothing was clicking.  Then I started looking at every available frame we had in the house.  Ah ha!  I remembered that we had this cork board that I had never used and this mirror that I just wasn’t ready to part with in the attic.  Oooh, my vision was starting to come together!  My number 1 assistant (my husband) carefully removed the beveled mirror (which was glued) from the white carved frame.  Fortunately it came out in one piece!


Then we gave each frame a few coats of high gloss black spray paint for about $7.00.  The white was nice, but the black POPS against the walls.  Next we found this galvanized sheet metal at the home improvement store.  Amazingly, one sheet was exactly the amount we needed for both frames!  The metal cost about $10.

We glued the metal to the frames using a hot glue gun then tacked the backs of the frames back on.

The frames were positioned and hung and I used a metal magnetic clip for the first frame.  I love that these are magnetic so we can move things around and I don’t have to worry about tacks falling on the floor and getting lost in the carpet.

Since my cork board frame was very simple I added an embellishment to the top that I found at Hobby Lobby for about $9.00.  I didn’t even have to spray paint it!

Then I used magnetic sheets to make magnetic photo corners.  Are those cute or what?


My friend Barbara had told me about these sheets for another project so I had recently purchased these from Office Depot.  I cut a piece of card stock into a 3 inch by 3 inch square and then cut a diagonal line to make two triangles.  Then I cut out the little notches.  I just eyeballed the first one and then used it as a template.  I ran the card stock through my sticker maker (but you could just use scrapbook glue if you have some) and then attached it to the magnetic paper. I cut the pieces out with scissors and then I was done! Super easy!

So now I have an easy way to change out my children’s artwork!  What I also liked about this project is that I think these magnetic boards can grow with my girls.  In the future when they want to hang up posters of Justin Bieber or Harry Potter now they have a place.  Oh, wait that’s already happening.  Oh well, maybe I can fen those off for a little bit longer. Ha, ha!

Overall this DIY project cost me about $26.00.  Not bad.  Let me know what you think or tell me about what you were inspired to do with your children’s artwork.