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15 Ways to Store Coffee Pods

by Angela on September 20, 2012


One of the latest trends I see in organizing your kitchen is the need for storing all those K-Cups or coffee pods.  This was evident a few weeks ago when I helped two different clients get unpacked and organized from a recent move and they BOTH had super cool K-Cup organizers!  Neither of which I had ever seen before!  I am not a coffee drinker so this isn’t something I would normally look for at a store but after seeing these within a two day period I was on the hunt!

1. Antique Counter Top Organizer. The photo above is actually from my Mother-in-Laws house!  She set up this coffee station a few years ago and keeps her K-Cups in the bottom.  She’s a big coffee drinker so you can see she has all sorts of coffee gadgets and supplies tucking in to this little system.  It is worth noting that she found this piece and did nothing to it, she used it as is.  So in this case there was no DIY painting, nailing, screwing this piece to that, etc.  This was an easy one product makeover!  Way to go Donna!

Create A Coffee Station

{Photo from Incredible Things}

2. All-in-One Counter Top Coffee Organizer.  This is really cool but may be difficult to find.  I found the bamboo All-In One coffee organizer by Aroma on Incredible Things and Quirky but I have not been able to find how you can order it.  But how cool does that look?  I love how it doesn’t take up much counter space since it fits flush against the wall.

{O.K-Cup Storage Stand from Chipping with Charm}

3. DIY Counter Top Project. This is a cute DIY idea from Laurel at Chipping With Charm.  She used old cake pans, a stool leg, and a lazy Susan to make this K-Cup organizer.

{Bamboo Coffee Pod Drawer from Bed Bath & Beyond}

{Photo from}

4. Coffee Pod Drawer & Coffee Pot Stand. This is one of the organizers one of my clients had.  In the photos above you can see the combination coffee pod drawer and coffee pot stand.  This is great because it doesn’t take up much more space on your counter and if you are lucky it will still slide under your cabinets.  You can find similar drawers made from metal, glass, and bamboo.

{Photo found on Pinterest}

5. Kitchen Drawer.  If you have ample drawer space in your kitchen you can dedicate an entire drawer to your K-Cups or coffee pods.  In the photo above you can see how they used simple tension rods to keep the cups from sliding around the drawer.  Love this idea!

{Coffee Pod Caddy from Fresh Finds}

6. Coffee Pod Caddy. This is a very smart idea.  This caddy can be used in a drawer, hung on a wall, or placed on the counter using the easel.  This would be perfect to bring out when you are having guest over.

A neat way to organize and hide all those K-Cups

{Photo from Coffee Keepers via Pinterest}

7. Coffee Keepers.  The Coffee Keeper is hung under your counter and swings down when you need it.  It takes up zero counter or cabinet space!  Who doesn’t love using space that would be normally seen as useless?

{Coffee Stack Holder from Bed Bath & Beyond}

8. Coffee Stack Holder. This was the other product one of my clients had.  My client had two or three of these and we lined them up next to each other in a cabinet just above the coffee pot.  Each holder contains four drawers.  The small drawer tilts down and you can choose you coffee.

{K-Cup Undershelf Baskets from The Container Store}

9. Undershelf Baskets. Undershelf baskets are one of my ALL TIME favorite products to use.  I consider these kitchen organizing staples.  I would use these in the cabinet just above where your coffee pot will be stored.  These are nice because you will have room below the basket to store coffee mugs.


{How to Organize Your K-Cups (For Free) from Decorchick!}

10. Divided Baskets. Add your own style and charm by using your own basket and adding simple cardboard dividers.  This is a super simple DIY project!

{Large Coffee Pod Holder from Bed Bath & Beyond}

11. Coffee Cup Drawer System. The Coffee Stack Holder is a back to the basics simple drawer system for storing K-Cups or coffee pods.  Super simple and can be tucked away in a pantry on next to your coffee pot.

{Single Serve Coffee Baskets from The Container Store}

12. Single Serve Coffee Baskets. The Single Serve Coffee Baskets are great for storing your coffee and keeping them out when you are entertaining.

{Chrome K-Cup Coffee Storage Spinner from The Container Store}

13. Chrome K-Cup Storage Spinner. This spinner was created to store K-cups at the tops and fruit at the bottom.  If you already have a fruit basket you could store more K-cups or coffee supplied at the bottom.

{K-Cup Carousel from Fresh Finds}

14. K-Cup Carousel.  This is traditionally what most people have seen in the way of K-Cup storage.  You will typically see these at Doctor’s offices.  The carousel is nice because you can spin it around and easily see everything you have.



{Coffee pod display idea from Hostess with the Mostess}

15. Glass Jars. Last but not least I just HAD to post this photo from Hostess with the Mostess! I love how they put the coffee pods in the glass jars.  That is so simple and you can find beautiful glass jars anywhere.

Okay coffee drinkers, how do you store your coffee pods or K-Cups?