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DIY Advent Calendar

by Angela on December 10, 2011

This year we started a new tradition in my house.  As a child my husband always had an advent calendar where you would open the little cardboard door and pull out a chocolate.  This year I thought it would be fun for my girls to start this tradition so I went out in search of a very simple cardboard advent calendar.  I couldn’t find one anywhere!  So I decided to make one.

I was trying to keep it simple (well, that is easier said than done!) and I wanted to incorporate foreign treats.  My husband spent several years in Germany as a child so I wanted to have some of his favorite treats.  So I purchased.  Lebkuchen from Germany, Toblerone Swiss Chocolate, Italian Amaretti Cookies, and Jammie Dodgers from England…oh and Hershey Kisses from America!

I purchased some simple treat boxes from the craft store.  There were 10 boxes per package.  I also purchased five gift card boxes.

I had some metal rim tags that I stamped with the days leading up till Christmas. I usually purchase these at an office supply store but you may also be able to find them at a grocery store.

I already had the number/letter stamps.  You should be able to find something similar at a craft store.

I tied ribbon around the polk-a-dot boxes and ran the tags through the red ribbon.  For the Santa boxes I used a hot glue gun to glue black velvet ribbon to the box and then glued the tag to the front of the box like Santa’s belt!  I put all the boxes on a cupcake stand.  My girls can’t wait to open these boxes each day!  They helped me fill the boxes so they know what sweet treats await them!

The good thing is that all this can be used again next year!  We just slip the ribbon off and the boxes fold flat so they will be easy to store! I love it when things work out that way!  If you don’t want to give your children sweet treats everyday you could insert notes with holiday themed activities like reading a Christmas story , watching a favorite Christmas movie, going out to look at Christmas lights, or what ever is your family’s favorite holiday activity!