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There’s No Such Thing As A Free Pen

by Angela on January 18, 2008

PensI just did the home show last weekend and I met lots of great people.  One thing these types of shows or conventions remind me of is all the “Free” clutter; I mean stuff that people are giving away.  It may be a pen, a stress ball, a highlighter, or a magnet and you see it and say, “great a free pen” and you add it to your bag and bring it into your home.  The problem is that if you do this every time you see a “free” pen then you can end up with pens taking over your house.  I have worked with several clients who end up with shoe boxes or gallon size zip top bags full of pens.

Managing these pens takes time, your time.  It also takes up space in your home.  Many times the pens are filling up drawers and spread over many surfaces.  So now you have to deal with the pens.  You have to gather them together, test them to see which ones work, toss out the ones that don’t work, donate some, and find a place to put the ones you are keeping.  This once “free” pen has now cost you hours managing it and all its multiplying friends.

A big part of managing clutter is stopping it at the door.  The next time you see a free pen, magnet, note pad, or stress ball, get into the habit of asking yourself if you really need it before it comes into your home.  Your time is valuable and you are worth it!

Enjoy the good life,

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