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Eco-Friendly Organizing, Crafts – Part 4

by Angela on April 24, 2012

{Photo from Scrapbooks Etc.}

Some people think that getting organized is difficult and expensive.  This may be true if you are buying everything brand new, but what if you could repurpose some things you already have?  This is the fourth and final post of our Eco-friendly Organizing Series click here to see Part, 1, 2, or 3.  In this post we will look at ways to organize your crafts.

Organizing ribbon is a breeze by covering an old oatmeal canister with decorative paper and cutting an opening in the side.  This keeps ribbon from coming off the spool while still being able to see exactly how much ribbon you still have left.

{Photo from Craftbits.}

While the oatmeal canister in the first picture would work great for ribbon on a spool, this repurposed egg carton would be fantastic for loose ribbon that tends to end up in a tangled mess.  Poke holes in the top of empty egg cartons to store ribbon. Thanks Craftbits for this fantastic idea!

{Photo from Craft Habit.}

In the photo above you can see how Meagan from Craft Habit turned a plain Jane Pringles can into a fabulous storage container for her paint bushes.

{Photo from The Hazel Bloom.}

You will quickly discover there are lots of options for Pringles cans like storing knitting needles.  Perfect!

{Photo from Scrapbooks Etc.}

I love this idea for sewing notions or tiny craft supplies.  Stick magnetic spice jars to a pizza pan to hold small craft items.  Simply attache the pizza pan to the wall.  You can even give it a quick coat of spray paint to give it a little splash of color.

{Photo from Better Homes And Gardens.}

Decorate small paint cans or soup cans with wallpaper scraps and use as desk organizers.  Hmm…I think I might try this with my upcoming desk makeover!

{Image from Crafty Nest.}

Monica from Crafty Nest used Freecycle to collect enough baby food jars in the same size to fit this spice rack.  She primed and painted the lids to match and then stored a variety of beads, buttons, etc.

{Image from Bored and Crafty}

If you still have some of those old film canisters laying around you can use them to organize and store your bobbins.  That way you can see the color of the tread easily. 

{Image from Real Simple.}

Keep your yarn form ending up in a tangled mess by storing it in a baby wipe containers.  Stack up several containers high if needed and tape a small piece of yard to the outside of the box so you can easily identify the color.

So there you have it!  Tons of ideas for getting your crafts organized in eco-friendly way.  I think this may have inspired me to take thee eco-organizing challenge!  Are you inspired?  Which idea was your favorite?  Post a comment below to let me know.