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Angela’s Office- Design Board

by Angela on July 25, 2012

{Photo from Angela’s OlioBoard site}

 I am SO excited to tell you about my newest find!  Let me start with a little background.  When I was in fifth grade I had to choose what I wanted to be when I grew up and interview someone in that field for our end of the year presentation.  Surprise, surprise…I chose Interior Design.  Unfortunately I did not pursue that passion once I got to college, but now that I found this new site Olio Boards I am in want-to-be interior designer heaven!

{Photo from I Heart Organizing}

I first learned about Olio Board from organizing and home decor blogger extraordinaire Jennifer Jones from I Heart Organizing .  She posted a tutorial on how to create an Olio Board which you can find on her site by clicking here. It was just what I needed to inspire me to take my office to the next level!

So what is it?  Olio Board is a free site where with the click of your mouse you can clip pictures of products, accessories, furniture, fabric, really just about anything from almost any web-site and upload them to your Olio Board account.  But, HERE is where the MAGIC really is…when you upload a picture to your account the price of the item and a link to the web-site where you found the item is also saved with the photo.  So no more searching web-site to web-site looking for that perfect lamp or fabric you found yesterday.  Now you can easily keep track of all those dream products you’ve been looking for. The other huge plus is that now you can put them all together in a design board and get a real sense of what things look like together.   Love this!!!

Once you upload the pictures then you easily drag and drop the products into your NEW board.  There you can arrange, re-size, edit, and turn each item.  When you place items into your board you will see a screen that looks similar to the picture above.  When you are looking at an Olio Board you can click on each item to find out where the item is from and how much it costs etc.

I’m not sure how to explain this, but my office is almost complete and I still felt that using the Olio Board helped me see the room in a different way and helped me see what was missing.  It made me realize that I needed a few more touches of silver.  Like that really sweet Sabrina table lamp from Z Gallerie.  I am hoping to show you real pictures of my office in a few weeks!  Then you can compare the Olio Board to the real space!   If you want a peek at my office you can see my post from a few weeks ago of my super fabulous Desk Drawer Makeover.

  What do you think about Olio Boards?  Do you want to see more Olio Boards?  Do you think you will make an Olio Board?