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The Closet Blues: Lindsay Lohan

by Angela on September 21, 2012

{Image from New York Post}

You may be familiar with my Friday Dream closet series where I feature a super spectacular closet and I give my 2 cents on it with: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.  Once a month I will be featuring a closet in a different way maybe it’s a “vintage” or closet “flashback” or maybe it’s a closet gone wrong but you will start to see a few different things on our Friday closet feature.  So this week we will take a look at a girl gone…I mean a closet gone wild in this months feature of The Closet Blues with Lindsay Lohan’s closet.

In 2010 Lindsay Lohan’s closet was featured on The Insider, I remember I was walking by the living room and I heard the teaser for the upcoming story so I stopped and set it to record.  You should be able to click here to see the video on The Daily Beast. In the video you can see Niecy Nash was sent in to help Lindsay declutter her space.

{Image from Snarkerati}

When you look at the photos of Lindsay’s closet it is obvious that she has too much stuff for her space.  But, since we typically look at many celebrity closets every Friday, I would say it is not unusual for a celebrity to have more clothes than most people but they often have a larger closet than most people.

But in this case what can Lindsay’s  wardrobe has gone well beyond the means of her closet.  So what could be done to help her situation?  Let’s talk!

What’s Working:

You have to give Lindsay a little credit it looks like most of the clothes is hung up and on the rolling racks or in moving boxes.  I know it looks bad, but at least it isn’t a replica of Mount St. Helens in the middle of her living room.  You can also see that she had her shoes organized in clear storage boxes to keep them free from dust with photos of each shoe on the front of the box.  Again, bravo for that Lindsay!  There are signs of organization, but those systems are just not working for her anymore.

What’s Not Working:

1. As I mentioned before she needs to have less stuff period. Besides that storing your shoes in clear bins with a photo on them is a really nice idea but even an organized person could struggle with keeping up with that system.  Why?  Because every time you get a new pair of shoes you have to get a new box, snap a picture of it, and then add it to your current inventory.  That may not seem like a lot but it’s just one more thing to do and it will often get neglected.

Ideas for Improvement:

1. By the looks of it I would estimate Lindsay needs to reduce her clothing and shoes by half.  It is difficult for me to give a solid number here since I am not seeing the actual space in person.

2. Lindsay needs a closet that fits her current needs. I have had a client convert their master bedroom into a dressing room/closet and their closet into their sleeping quarters.  If Lindsay’s closet is not big enough she may need to look into an out of the box solution.

3. Utilize vertical space.  In the photos above Lindsay is not using vertical space enough. She needs to ditch the labyrinth of rolling racks and have some double hanging rods installed.  That way she can have lower hanging space and upper hanging space. It would also be advantageous to have shoe storage that goes from the floor to the ceiling.

4. Set Limits.  Once Lindsay makes decisions about what is staying and what is going AND finds a more permanent solution for her closet area then she needs to try to keep up with it.  Each season she needs to go  through and deciding what she no longer needs.

Those are just a few of my thoughts from the very limited amount of information I can gather from the photos and the videos.  Unfortunately I was not able to find the “reveal” photos or video of Lindsay’s closet.  I did find a follow up, Part 3 of the video series on Jezebel  clicking here to watch.

So what do you think about Linday’s closet?  Is there hope for a Dream Closet in her future?