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Organizing DVDs

by Angela on December 20, 2011

 DVD’s have always been a growing problem area in my house.  My kids seem to get new DVD’s all the time.

So about a year ago I set up these bins to hold all my girl’s DVD’s.  There was a little bit of room left which quickly was occupied by new movies.  My girls are fortunate to have a teenage neighbor who passes along  movies to my girls that she’s outgrown, but this means we always have a steady stream of movies coming in.

The problem was that I didn’t just want to take the DVD’s out of the bulky cases and just slip them in a sleeve.  I wanted to keep the cover so both my girls could easily see what the movies are.

The other problem was that my girls were not putting away the movies once they finished a movie.  That was mostly my fault for not having a clear labeling system that even my 4 year old could follow.

The I ran across the perfect solution on one of my favorite fellow bloggers sites: I heart Organizing.  I found these movie sleeves at my local Target!  I love them because they can hold TWO DVD’s and the cover!  This was just what I had been looking for!

So to save you the trial and error trouble I went through, here is what I did.  Insert the discs in the disc holder and then carefully remove the DVD cover from the original case.  Now you will have to fold it so the spine is either facing the front or back.  What I found to work best was if you folded the spine so that the back cover of the DVD and the spine were both showing at the same time as shown above.  Then I inserted that into the media sleeve and then inserted the DVD sleeve in so you could still see spine.

You can see the back of the media sleeve will show a little white from the DVD cover since you folded the spine with the back DVD cover.

Now, if you folded the cover right then you will see the titles of each movie easily so you can quickly read which movie you are looking for.  Again, this was trial and error for me.  The first 7-8 I folded wrong and had to redo.

Since we inherit some of our movie we don’t always have the covers, so I just made a quick label for those.

So you may have noticed that to create my labels I simply used a paint sample strip.  I got mine at Sherwin Williams and like them because they are wider than others.  This was a easy, inexpensive, and colorful way to add dividers to help my girls put the DVD’s back where they belong.

I used the same color strip for each divider I just alternated using them right side up and upside down because I liked the colors.  I used alphabet stickers I found at the craft store for my labels.

Overall, I was able to fit about 98 DVDs in just ONE box instead of the four boxes I had been using! Because of the sleeves I was also able to put some series movies into one sleeve.  For example we have several Barbie movies that are just a single movie and I was able to fit two movies in one sleeve.  Loved this transformation!