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Stylish Home

Professional Home Organizing

“Our only chance for survival lies in creating our own little
islands of sanity and order, in making little havens of our homes”.
-Susan Kaufman

Your home should be a place that supports your style and needs while being beautiful and functional all at the same time. At POSH space we are here to help you find the perfect blend for a beautiful, balanced and organized home.

Are you ready to make a shift in your life? Time and time again after we have worked with a client we hear back from them telling us that after getting organized they have experienced some kind of big life change. Are you ready for a change? If so give us a call.

Professional Home Organizing brings:
  • Positive Life Change
  • Functional Rooms
  • Sanity & Order
  • Reduced stress
POSH Space will:
  • Implement a system to control the never ending mountains of paper
  • Establish organization for everyone to find what they need when they need it
  • Create a workable schedule system for the family
  • Utilize home space more efficiently
  • Here is how POSH Space will help you:
  • Full service hands-on organizing sessions

Our organizing specialists can work by your side through the organizing process and create a space you can relax in and enjoy. This service is offered in a variety of ways, to help you get your project done within your budget and your timeline. A typical project will start with the Consultation where we will identify the purpose and create our plan. We will help you reduce unnecessary items from your life and use your space to its maximum potential.

We can work with you in the following areas:
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