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3 Day POSH Unpack

Ease the stress and transition of moving. Imagine living in your home for only one week and having everything unpacked and in place. Now you have time to focus on what really matters, spending time with your family and exploring your new neighborhood.
3 Day POSH Unpack

Here is how POSH Space will help you:
  • Unpack all moving boxes and find logical places for everything to go
  • Set up each room down to the linens on the beds
  • Remove moving boxes
  • Remove excess clutter
  • Offer local resource, shopping, and service recommendations
  • Start fresh with a new, organized home

Imagine: no mystery boxes discovered in a year with melted candle wax that have ruined the entire contents of the box!

Let us take the stress out of moving!
Call us today at 512.252.2688.