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Household Paper Management Tips

Household Paper Organizing Tips Featured on Mix 94.7 FM

The biggest thing I have found that just about everyone struggles with is paper. It comes into the house and they don’t know what to do with it or how to deal with it. When they decide to go through it, it’s scattered throughout the house and things just get missed. Quite frankly, most people just shutter at the thought of dealing with incoming mail and paper. So here are my TOP THREE Tips for dealing with some of the incoming household paper.

1. Have a place for the incoming mail to go is important. This can be a decorative box with a lid that stays on a coffee table or another visible location, but when the box is closed no one will know that your mail is hidden away in it. Put the mail in this container immediately each time you check the mail so it never makes it to the counters! Now when it’s time to go through the mail you will know where everything is. No more stashing the mail under the bed when guests are coming over.

2. Have a designated time and day to sort through the mail (once/wk, everyday, etc). Pick a time to go through the mail and stick to it! For me I call this Mail, Money, and Martini Mondays. I know that Monday evenings are my times to go through the mail and pay the bills, and you can add something fun, indulging, or rewarding in there like music, a special dessert, or a nice beverage to encourage you to keeping this appointment with yourself.

3. Have a place for the magazines & catalogs to go. Another decorative box that blends well with your décor is perfect and when the box is full it’s time to reduce. Toss old magazines, recycle them, or ask your children’s school if they have a need for old magazines. But don’t just move them to another location! This is just the tip of the household paper iceberg! See the calendar section to find out when our next Take Control or Your Paper Workshop is scheduled. You can also contact us at 512-252-2866 to discuss how we can help you with your paper woes.