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Dream Closet- Lauren Sanchez

by Angela on September 7, 2012

{Photo from US Weekly}

Since I started my weekly Dream Closet Blog Series The Good, The Bad, and The Reality in December 2011 I have seen a lot of closets.  I would guess I have given my feedback on something near 40+ celebrity or “famous” closets over that time.  Although the closets are often AMAZING it is becoming more rare for me to find something in each closet that truly WOW’s me.  Something so unique and special it makes me stop in my tracks. This week I found it!  Let’s take a look at award winning news anchor and former host of So You Think You Can Dance and former correspondent for Extra Lauren Sanchez in this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

 The Good

Wow!  This closet is a beautiful mix of feminine chic meets industrial and it’s just gorgeous.  Lauren brings in the feminine glam elements by using lots of mirrors and re-purposing furniture pieces.  In the picture to the left of Lauren you can see a wood and glass cabinet she uses to hold her jewelry while keeping it free from dust.  Sweet! Behind Lauren you can see what looks like an old set of dresser drawers that has had the drawers removed and a shelf added giving Lauren a stylish and unique place to hold t-shirts and sweaters.  Love that idea!

But the my favorite part of this closet is how Lauren used the industrial looking iron racks and shelves.  In the video of Lauren’s closet she says the shelves are iron and I would guess they were custom made.  Some are freestanding and some are up against the wall.  The shoe shelves are the most impressive with the use of the iron and glass and the mirrored wall behind it. Love, love, love! The shelves are only deep enough to hold one pair of shoes which makes finding a pair of shoes easier (you don’t have to dig).  You may also notice that the space or height between the shelves is perfectly spaced to hold the maximum amount of shelves. If you haven’t watched the video click here, you get to see so much more in the video.  Last but certainly not least is I love how this closet does not feel too crowded.  The clothes has room to breath.  Nice.

The Bad

Don’t you know I just hate this part when it is a totally awesome closet?!  The only thing I can say is besides the one retrofitted dresser/shelf there really doesn’t appear to be a place for folded items.  Things like workout clothes, pajamas, socks, and undergarments typically go in a drawer and I don’t see any drawers in this closet.

Brass Finish Bellman's Cart - EK780-BRS

{Photo from eShopHere}

The Reality

Lauren’s closet is the size of some peoples bedrooms so unfortunately a closet like this is a dream for many.  Isn’t that a shame?  Although Lauren’s custom iron/metal shelves may also be out of budget for most people you can still try to use her ideas of re-purposing and using unique materials in your closet rather than standard closet shelving.  To me Lauren’s shoe rack looks like one of those carts the Bellboy uses at a hotel to bring your luggage up.  Hey there’s an idea!  It’s even portable!!!  My point is, there are ideas everywhere, just get creative.

Again, if you didn’t look at the video click here to take a look because you can really see things in much better detail (like her jewelry cabinet) and they show Lauren’s second shoe rack too!

What do you think about Lauren’s closet?  Could you add any of her ideas to your closet?