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Organizing the Car

by Angela on May 8, 2012


Cereal Box as a trash can for trhe car - Genius! I'm going to go to Wal-Maret even though I really dislike the place as the prices on plastic totes are so much better there than anywhere else. I'm organizing closets,  the pantry,cabinets and everything I can get my hands on.

{Photo found on Pinterest}

One way to make a big impact in keeping your car look good is to keep the trash from piling up.  This is a fantastic idea to use a cereal box as a car trash can.  Use a small plastic grocery sack to make emptying the trash quick and mess free. I would suggest that you try using a few strips of hook and loop on the bottom and possibly the sides to keep this baby from sliding around.

Car trunk organizer and cooler.

{Photo from Red Envelope}

Trunks can get out of hand quickly with a wide variety of things.  Some that live in the car and some that just come along for the ride.  Keep all the items from rolling around the back of your car or SUV with a car trunk organizer like the one shown above.  It has dividers and includes a place for a little cooler!  You can also use it to keep your grocery bags from falling over and dumping your produce across the back of your car!  I hate that!  The organizer pictured above is from Red Envelope, but you could also use any large bin or tote.

Car emergency kit. I probably have these things scattered around my car, but I will make a cute box and organize.

{Photo from Rips in My Jeans}

One thing everyone should have in their car is a mini-emergency kit.  A little kit that has all those little things you might need while out and about, like: Band-aids, hand sanitizer, safety pins, hair tie, pen, paper, lip balm, hand lotion, etc.  Aunna from Rips in My Jeans shows us how she recycled a baby wipe container and turned it into a car kit.  Now you don’t have to feel stuck when the next mini emergency arise.  You will be prepared!

Repurposed plastic window-mounted cup-holder to hold and organize small items in the car.

{Photo from Sew Many Ways}

I love this idea from Karen at Sew Many Ways!  She took  a plastic cup holder and  a tin can and turned  it into a craft caddy!  You could use this for long trips when you have a project you are working on or set one up for your kids with pens and markers!  There are tons of ways you could use this!  See Karen’s site for a tutorial on how to make this.

Happy car organizing!