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One Product Makeover: Kids’ Clothes Back to School

by Angela on August 23, 2012

Woo hoo, it’s back to school!  It’s such an exciting time but for us Mom’s it can get a little crazy trying to get everyone out the door on time, dressed, fed, with matching shoes, lunch boxes, and backpacks fully packed.  One thing I have learned with my kids is the more I can do in advance the night before the better.  I know in the morning my bleary eyed children will not be able to make a decision about what they want for breakfast, what they want to wear, and what they want for lunch.  Last year we tried to choose clothes the night before, but we were not consistent and didn’t do it everyday.  So that didn’t really work for us.  This year I really got inspired to find something that would work better.

{Photo from The Container Store}

Here’s the situation of my girl’s closet.  First, my girls share a room still, I’m not sure how long that will last, but it’s still going well, so we are going to let them continue to do that.  The problem is that they share a closet!  So the space I was working with to put their clothes was only 25″ tall by about 20″ wide and I needed to get clothes for five days for two girls in the space.  Yikes!  This is a tall order!  I started with a clear plastic shoe organizer pictured above.  I knew it would be slim enough and with storage on both sides I figured I might do the trick. Strike one!  The pockets were too narrow and it fit a shirt or shots easily but it was really difficult to get two pieces of clothes in.

Purse Organizer

{Photo from Target}

Then I tried this purse organizer from Target, it didn’t have enough slots but it fit the dimensions so I tried it.  The fit was great, but what was I thinking?  It didn’t have enough slots for all five days of the week so it was a big ol’ Strike two for me!

I knew exactly what I wanted, the problem was I wasn’t sure it existed in the size I needed.  So in a lightening bolt moment it came to me…IKEA!  I hopped on their web-site and hit the clothes organizing section to find…

SKUBB Organizer with 9 compartments IKEA Touch-and-close fastening for easy and flexible hanging.

{Photo from IKEA}

the $4.99 Skubb Organizer!  The dimensions were perfect, I mean perfect! Sure it was a little long but I could just rest the excess on the top of the dresser or neatly cut them off.  So away I went to IKEA!

I brought it home and put it up and showed my girls and told them what it was for.  This was SO funny!  They were so excited about it they immediately started pulling out their clothes for their first week of school! HOME RUN!

They picked out tops, bottoms and socks! I was beside myself with excitement!  We even put dance clothes in the slot for dance day and swim suits in the slot for swim lesson day!

So what happened on the first day of school? When I woke my girls up, like a flash my oldest hopped out of bed opened the closet pulled out her clothes AND THEN she pulled out her sisters clothes (faint!) and tossed them across the room to her!  They both immediately got dressed!!! The system has been working great so far!

So now that I knew they were committed, I went ahead and made day of the week labels in their favorite colors. Aren’t they fun?  I simply used matching colored paper clips to attach (I also used some strong double stick tape on the far end to help secure the tags).

In general I would consider this a one product makeover since I only used one product per child.  What do you think?  Do you think something like this would help reduce your stress in the mornings getting the kids back to school?