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11 Ways to Store Hot Hairstyling Products

by Angela on August 29, 2012

One area that many women struggle with keeping organized is figuring out what to do with the blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and all those hot hair styling products.  Since these items are usually hot when you need to put them away many of us (me included) leave them out so they can cool down.  The problem is that when you leave them out to cool they typically stay out!  Ugh!  More counter clutter!  So I have put together 11 ways to store your HOT styling products.  Some are things you can purchase some are DIY, I hope this inspires you to find the right fit for your bathroom.

{Style Station Organizer from The Container Store}

The Style Station Organizer above is a versatile option and can hang on a towel bar, sit on a counter, sit under a sink or in  drawer.  The back also has two spaces where you can tuck cords or other tools.  What a cool product!  Because this is so versatile it would be perfect for a college student in a dorm or small space.   It is priced at The Container Store at $19.99.

{Style Salon from Great Useful Stuff}

The Hair Styling Station is one of the most decorative stations I have seen.  It has ceramic interior liners to hold your warm appliances.  The front compartment can be used to hold a power strip so you can plug all your products in or it can hold brushes and other styling products.  I like this product because it is just so natural looking.  It is available at Great Useful Stuff for $49.99.

{Hide ‘n’ Sink Caddy from The Container Store}

I love this Hide and Sink Caddy.  It has a hook that can easily slide behind a cabinet door (again perfect for dorm or apartment living because it can easily be removed).  I like this idea because it keeps the blow dryer super handy when you need it.  It also has space to hold brushes or hair care products.  Because this caddy is made from plastic you should not store a flat iron or curling iron in it!  But it would still be great for the blow dryer and other products.  This product is also priced at $19.99 at The Container Store.

Bristow Collection Hair Dryer Holder

{Photo from Signature Hardware}

The hair dryer holder above is super simple and mounts to a wall to keep counters clear from clutter.  I would recommend mounting it near a plug so you can keep it plugged in if you use a blow dryer on a regular basis.  Just be sure to install it in an area that does not have electrical wires running directly behind the wall where you are drilling.  Safety first! Priced from $19.96-$29.95 from Signature Hardware.


Wall Mount Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Holder Image

{Photo from Organize-It}

Above is a wall mounted flat iron and blow dryer holder for Organize-It.  I must admit, I am actually shocked at how many options there are here!  I really like this idea for a teens bathroom.  As mentioned above if you can mount this close enough to an outlet so you can leave it plugged in I that would be ideal for a teen or anyone who is super crunched for time in the morning (oh wait, I think that’s everyone).  Nicely priced at $12.99.

A product thumbnail of Sally Flat Iron Stand

{Photo from Sally Beauty Supply}

This actually made me laugh out loud when I saw it!  What a great idea to hold your flat iron AND you or your daughters can feel like a real stylist!  This is actually so simple everyone could do and there is no installation!   The Flat Iron Stand is available from Sally Beauty for $9.99.

A product thumbnail of Kayline Electric Chrome Universal Appliance Holder

{Photo from Sally Beauty}

Oh man this is so cool!  What I would have given for this when I was a teenager!  This is called the Kayline Electric Universal Appliance Holder.  This would be great if you have two daughters (like I do) who both want to do their hair at the same time.  You could use it for the blow dryer and multiple flat irons or curling irons.  This is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $43.95.

{Hair Care Cabinet from Better Homes and Gardens}

If you are a DIYer here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! If you come up with anything better, PLEASE share them with me!  I would love to see them and share them with my readers!

Pictured above the oh so clever folks at BHG show how you can custom fit stainless-steel canisters inside a drawer to hold your blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron.  This looks simple enough for the DIYer.   You can find chrome iron and blow dryer rings or holders at Sally Beauty Supply.

{Bathroom Appliance Storage from Dream Green DIY}

I love this idea from Dream Green DIY.  It is so simple but it does the trick.  Carrie used a metallic mesh desktop file box and some Command Hooks to hold her blow dryer and flat iron.  You can see a tutorial on her site Dream Green DIY.

The picture above is from one of my client’s houses.  I apologize that this is not the best quality picture.  But it’s still a good example.  Here we used the Bygel rail from IKEA priced at $2.99 and two Bygel baskets.  At the moment it looks like IKEA only has one size basket, but it looks like it could still hold a hair dryer.


{Towel Rack Storage Cabinet from The Idea Room}

For the ULTIMATE DIYer take a peek at the custom towel rack and hair product organizer!  Amy from The Idea Room has the ultimate stylish hot styling tool organizer!  You can find multiple tutorials on her site on how she made this dream look happen!  Way to go Amy!

I don’t know about you but now I’m ready to figure out which one of these would work for my hair products!  What do you think?  Which one would you like to try?