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Dream Closet: Sofia Vergara’s Commercial

by Angela On November 9, 2012

{Sofia Vergara of Modern Family photo from Glamour Entertainment}.

A few months ago I found a photo of Sophia Vegara in what looked like her closet with Mommy blogger Whitney from Mommies With Style. I was so excited but I was suspicious…was this really Sofia’s closet? I contacted Whitney who had the chance to interview Sofia in this closet.  Sadly, Whitney revealed that it was a staged closet.  Boo hoo!  The photo above is Sofia in that staged closet. I am constantly on the hunt for more celebrity closets to share with you and that is when we found the video below.

I know what you are thinking, this is probably a staged closet too!!!  Probably, but THIS is really closet eye candy!  A walk-in closet with a walk-in closet!  I’m so there!  Those spinning shoe towers…give me two please!  What else do I love about this “Dream Closet”:

1. The mannequins that display her gorgeous dresses. It’s like art in the closet!

2. The jewelry display just to the left of her shoulder when she is in the blue dress standing in the “second closet” with the first closet in the background.

3. All the drawers, shelves, and the variety of single hang and double hang in the second closet is fantastic!

4. Lots of seating options for sitting down and trying shoes or other things on.

5. Tons of lighting! From the rotating shoe stands, to the chandelier, to the crystal table lamps this closet has tons of great lighting which makes finding the right shade of shoes, socks, or anything much easier.

6. Last but not least the clothes that moves out of the way to reveal the TV! I think that is every woman in America’s  dream!  I wish I could disguise my TV in my living room with beautiful clothes!

I know this was not like my typical Friday Dream Closet post, but how fun is it to get a little closet inspiration from this video!

If you could pick one element from this closet to use in your closet what would it be?  I am really hung up on those rotating shoe stands, but that’s just me.

Happy Friday!

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One Response to “Dream Closet: Sofia Vergara’s Commercial”

  1. Rebecca W. says:

    I don’t have enough shoes for the rotating shoe racks, but those were really cool! I loved the ornate mirror to the right of her when looking into her other closet. Also loved the part of the closet they show as she walks into the other closet that looked more like most people’s closets. Great hanging and shelves.

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