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Dream Closet: Kellie Pickler

by Angela On November 2, 2012

{Photos from Great American Country as featured in HGTV’s Celebrity Motor Homes}

Do you eve wonder what it would be like to be a music star, touring the country and living the dream?  Well for former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler that dream is a reality.  Life in a celebrity motor home is not as bad as I thought it would be!  In this week’s Dream Closet we are looking at Kellie’s shoe closet.  Okay, really?  Kellie’s motor home shoe closet is amazing!!!  This in NOT at all what I would have expected on a motor home!!!

I would estimate Kellie has at least 39 pairs of shoes in this area.  There are probably more that’s just a rough estimate based off what I can see. Wow! Did you notice how the shelves are stair stepped?  So each “section” is higher in the back so you can see the shoes?  What a great idea!  If you have deep shelves and feel like you can’t see the shoes you store in the back consider what Kellie did here.  Wow!!! If Kellie can get this many shoes stylishly stored on her tour bus I wonder what you could do in your own home?

You can see a video of Kellie’s bus here  on HGTV.

This has given me a whole new curiosity for motor home storage!  Don’t you wish we could see Kellie’s clothes closet?

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