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Dream Closet: Aerin Lauder

by Angela On November 16, 2012

{Photo from Stacia Pierce}

Isn’t this photo  beautiful? This is a photo from a few years back of Aerin Lauder’s dream closet. The granddaughter to Estee Lauder,  Aerin told Harper’s Bazaar: “I had dreamed since I was a little girl of having a room of my own, a place to hide. This room was perfect: It is my dressing room, my closet, and my home office,”.  This room was inspired by similar rooms her grandmother had and the fabulous desk and mirror were her grandmother’s. Lauder admited to Harper’s Bazaar:  “There’s always Legos all over the floor, and my sons play hide-and-seek in the closets.” “I’m surrounded by all boys. I wanted a place that would be feminine and floral.” Spoken like a real mom!  I love these quotes! If you’re a mom you know this is true, you have probably experienced it. Unfortunately Aerin’s closet probably doesn’t look exactly like this all the time and I love that she was willing to share that with us.

I love that this dressing room is a combination of Aerin’s office and her closet!  It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s HER space. Although we cannot see much of her actual closet it appears to be well organized, color coded, and an overall dream.  I’m practically speechless here.  Stunning!

See, it’s okay to combine different uses in one space, as long as it is well done.

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Gina Oakley says:

    Love this closet space!

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