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Vintage Dream Closet-Joan Crawford

by Angela On October 5, 2012

{Photo from Vanity Fair}

Wow…that’s almost all I can say.  When I saw this “vintage” Dream Closet photo of Joan Crawford’s closet from the 1940’s I knew I just HAD to post it! Unlike my normal Friday: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality Dream Closet post for this post I just want you to take it all in.  I want you to savor and experience the closet (boy I think I must be watching a little too much Food Network)!

Look at all those gorgeous shoes beautifully lined up on six shelves with one pair in the front and another in the back.  I would estimate there are at least 96 pairs of shoes.  With the lighter colored shoes on the bottom row it appears that the shoes may be organized by color. I don’t know what it is about this shoe closet but it just looks so lovely.  We have looked at other celebrity closets where the shoes look like they are crammed in and it looks messy and overwhelming.  Not this one.  These shoes look like they were precisely placed.  What a lovely shoe closet.

I wish we could find a photo of the rest of her closet.  I wonder if she had any wire hangers?

What do you think she is thinking?

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