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Dream Closet: Nina Garcia

by Angela On October 12, 2012

{Image from Architectural Digest}

Nina Garcia, Marie Claire Fashion Director and Project Runway Judge, certainly has an eye for style both on the runway and in her home. Let’s take a look at her fabulous closet in this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

The Good

Yum! This closet just looks like a simple, chic dessert!  The cool cream and gray paired with the rich wooden hangers and the gold accents are simply gorgeous.  I know a lot of people love the ultra skinny flocked hangers, but from a beauty perspective the classic wooden hanger just can’t be beat.

From a storage perspective I love how Nina uses the blue storage boxes under her jackets.  Depending on the length of your clothing and the height of your rod this is a great idea.  This shows that it can be done in a beautiful way with matching storage boxes. THEN, if you gaze over towards the window on the left hand side of the picture you can see a stack of elegant suitcases.  This is another fabulous example of how you can get even more stylish storage in your closet.  Nina may or may not use those suitcases for storage but you certainly could in your home!  Love, love, love that look!

The shoes…I don’t even know what to say.  They are simply stunning!


{Image from Architectural Digest}

The Bad

There are only two areas that I can see that could be improved to add more storage. One is the area just under the hanging clothes on the lower rod and the other is the space above the top row of hanging clothes.  In this closet it looks beautiful and it doesn’t appear that Nina is in major need of additional storage space, but for someone who does, those would be the first areas I would look at.  The floor space under the hanging clothes would be the easiest to utilize.  If you were in desperate need of storage space it would be easy to add beautiful boxes or suitcases to this area with little effort.  If you were really desperate then you could go to the top and add another shelf above the top hanging bar.

{Image from Architectural Digest}

The Reality

Nina’s closet is very simple yet very attainable.  I love how in this series of photos you can see three areas: clothes, shoes, and the vanity area.  I love her vanity area with the oversize mirrors.  This area is perfect for putting your makeup and accessories on and for getting an overall picture of what you look like in the morning.  This is an area far too many women don’t have.  Many stylists and wardrobe consultants will tell you that you need to see yourself in the mirror from head to toe.  Is there a way you can incorporate a full length mirror into your closet in a simple way like Nina did above?

What was your favorite part of Nina’s closet?

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