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Dream Closet: Christina Ricci

by Angela On October 19, 2012

It’s Friday so it’s time for another Dream Closet and what better way to put you in a fun and festive mood for the weekend than to share with you a truly fun and awe inspiring dream closet!  In today’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality we will look at the closet (or former closet) of Christina Ricci.

The Good

This closet is just vibrant!  The color is just fun and the hooks on the wall are playful.  Love, love, love it!  The huge oversized mirror is amazing!!!  Everyone should have a full length mirror in their closet and if you have the space for one that can fit two people, why not?!  This closet is obviously spacious which is great and the shoes are beautifully displayed with plenty of room they are not crammed in or overflowing onto the floor.

The purse display is one of the most clever and well done closet display’s I have seen.  What makes this work?  The KEY to making this work in your own space is to only hang ONE purse per each hook.  I KNOW, that is so hard to do, if you are short on space, but if you want your purses and handbags to look like artwork than you are going to have to trust me on this one.  If you cram too many purses on each hook it will overwhelm the wall and just look messy.  If you are more concerned with space and not the aesthetics than add as many purses as will fit.  Christina, well done on the purses they look fabulous!

The Bad

The spacing of the shoe shelves could be adjusted to add more lower shelves.  Christina is not a tall person (approximately 5′ or 5′ 1″ tall according to Celeb Heights). So she would be better served if her shelves were spaced closer together so she could reach them more easily.  It’s okay to leave empty space at the top if needed.

The Reality

This is only Christina’s shoe closet and it is pretty sprawling to say the least.  Unfortunately a closet that size is not a reality for most people.  But you can still take pieces from this closet and bring them into your home.  If you love the look of the purse display you can do this on a much smaller scale in your own home or closet.  It doesn’t have to take up a 10 foot by 10 foot space.

Another update you could do regardless of your space is adding a bold paint color to your closet.  Something as simple as this can dramatically change the look of a space.


What is your favorite part of Christina’s closet?

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