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Dream Closet: Christina Aguilera 2

by Angela On September 14, 2012

{Photo from Hooked on Houses}

What a fantastic find!  Just when you thought we had seen all there was to see of Christina Aguilera’s closet I stumbled across two photos I had never seen before! Back in March I shared my thoughts on the shoe portion of Christina’s closet (click the link to see that post) but that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s explore Christina’s closet in this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

The Good

I am almost at a loss for words here.  Regardless if you like pink or if you like Christina’s decorating style this closet has just about everything a little girl or grown woman could want.  Wall-o-shoe storage? Check!  Seating area? Check! Tons of jewelry storage? Check! Great lighting? Check! Color coordinating hangers? Check! Tons of hanging space? Check! Your own personal hair salon? Check!  A library ladder to reach every shoe? Check!  As you can see Christina has many of the elements in place that make a dream closet a dream closet.  When you have a space this size you have many options.  Christina gets major kudos for doing an amazing job with grouping things into their own stations.  You have a very defined shoe zone, clothes zone, jewelry zone, and hair & makeup zone.  If you need something specific you know exactly where to start looking.  Love that!

{Christina Aguilera pink closet from Hooked On Houses}

The Bad

This closet is huge! Is that bad? I guess that is a matter of perspective. Having a large closet means you have to spend a little more time going from one end of the closet to the other.  If you are in a hurry in the morning you might spend more time trying to find things because your closet is so big and spread out.  The only other thing I notice is that I don’t see any drawers except in the jewelry area.  Drawers are a closet staple.  Obviously many people use them for t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, pajamas, undergarments, workout clothes and socks to name a few.

{Christina Aguilera jewelry closet from The Purple Carpet Frugalista}

The Reality

Okay it’s time to get down to business and talk about the two boutique round clothing racks.  You have to applaud Christina again for creativity here.  I have only seen a few other instances where people have used these round clothing racks in a closet.  It’s a really unique idea.  But the problem is that most people simply do not have space for something (much less two things) that take us so much room in the closet.  In Christina’s closet the round clothing racks work well because they are freestanding and it doesn’t appear that Christina’s has much wall space for traditional closet racks.  So in this case it works well, but the reality is that because of the spacing requirements this would be impossible for most people.

{Christina Aguilera jewelry closet from The Purple Carpet Frugalista}

Besides the awesome shoe ladder :) I think my favorite part of Christina’s closet is her jewelry drawers.  Christina has several of the thin drawers that are sized to hold jewelry organizing trays perfectly.  What a dream to have that many drawers for your jewelry!

What is your favorite part of  Christina’s closet?  What is your least favorite part of Christina’s closet?

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