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Dream Closet: Brooke Burke

by Angela On September 28, 2012

Stars' Must Have Fall Wardrobe Pieces: Brooke Burke

{Brooke Burke’s closet from US Weekly}

The Good

Brooke’s cream custom closet is a dream with ample space for folded clothes both in drawers and on open shelves, several options for hanging multiple lengths of clothing, and of course lovely tilting shoe shelves.
Us Weekly reports Brooke’s closet is two rooms!  One thing we rarely see in our weekly Dream Closet feature is a step stool especially a stylish one!  So I was thrilled to see the one above in Brooke’s closet and I have to say it is probably my favorite thing in this closet!  Unfortunately ladies, this is a reality.  Not all of us can reach the tip top of our closets so save yourself the time from having to drag a stool through the house and into the closet plus the time to put the step stool away. Look for a step stool that will easily fit in your closet and compliments your style.


{Brooke Burke’s closet from US Weekly & Stacia Pierce.}

The Bad

Although the tilting shoe shelves are dreamy it just doesn’t seem like she is getting the most out of this shoe space.  When you use tilted, slanted, or angled shoe shelves, because the shelves are tilted the shoes naturally slide to the front.  That is why, like in Brooke’s closet above, you see a small metal bar, a wooden lip, or a piece of clear acrylic to stop the shoes from sliding onto the floor. Again, this can make for lovely shoe display, but it does not allow you to get the maximum number of shoes on a shelf.  If space is not a problem for you then this may not apply, but for most people they need every inch of space.  Sometimes you might even have to store a row of shoes behind another row.  But these tilted shelves will not really allow that.  In Khloe Kardashian’s closet I told you the insider secret to storing more shoes in a space so see that post if you need some ideas.

 The Reality

Brooke’s closet is awesome, but the reality is that most people do not have two rooms to dedicate to a closet.  So when you look at Brooke’s closet make note of the style pieces you like and come up with a few ideas on how you can use that idea in your closet.  Maybe you LOVE the tilted shelves but yours closet is space challenged. So you might try to come up with a compromise on how you can use one area with tilted shelves and another area without tilted shelves.  For example in the pictures above of Brooke’s closet you can see that she has completely different walls that the shoes are located. That would be a perfect situation to have two different types of shelves for the shoes.  Get as much as you can on the “normal” flat shelves and then use the tilted shelves for your prettier or display shoes.

What was your favorite part of Brooke’s closet?


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