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Ten Ways to Store More Behind the Door

by Angela On August 9, 2012

{Over the Door Storage Rack from}

YOU know you have one…the back of a door that is just begging for a purpose!  A purpose far greater than sitting open or closed, day in and day out.  The purpose of more storage space!  How sweet it is!  One of my favorite tricks as a Professional Organizer is to find “hidden space”, or a space that has always been there, but no one realized that they could actually use it.  One of the spaces that often gets ignored is the space behind doors.  If you live in a small space, finding the back of a door that is not being used is like hitting the organizing jackpot!  Let’s look at 10 ways that you can store more using the back of the door.

1.Over The Door Storage Rack. I am in love with the Over The Door Storage Rack above from Solutions! This would be fantastic in a dorm, master closet, or bathroom.  I could see this being used to store hair and beauty products and supplies, hats, scarves, belts, workout clothes (tops in one,  bottoms in another, socks in another bin), or even snacks to grab on the go in a dorm room. Lots of potential uses and it’s easy on the eye.

{Elfa wall and door rack from the Container Store.}

2. Elfa Door and Wall Rack System. This is one of the products I recommend most to clients who are short on kitchen or pantry space.  I love this Elfa system for storing spices because it has adjustable shelves and the baskets are even available in different depths.  In a dorm room, this may serve as your primary kitchen storage, and those adjustable baskets would be put to the test.  **TIP FROM THE PRO**  When installing a system like this, be sure all the baskets are REALLY secure before you load it up (especially with anything breakable). Open and close the door several times to make sure the baskets are installed properly and don’t fall off.  Trust me on this I’ve seen it happen and it’s not pretty! When installed correctly, this system is outstanding!

GearPockets Sportsman Biking FlatView 12x18Print

{Photo from Gear Pockets}

3. Gear Pockets. If you have an athletic son or husband (or maybe you’re the athlete!) these Gear Pockets are worth a try. They come in three different sizes and were created to fold and go. With several pockets and hooks in varying sizes and industrial strength mesh, these pockets are very different than many other behind the door pocket systems you can find. I love the flexibility this system offers!

{Clear plastic shoe organizer for pantry items from Better Homes and Gardens.}

4. Clear Plastic Shoe Organizer. You know it, you love it, it’s the old reliable clear plastic shoe organizer!  I can almost hear you cheering right now for this classic yet oh-so-functionally-fabulous creation!  The plastic behind-the-door shoe organizer is a classic organizing staple that will never go out of style.  Why?  Because you can use it for just about anything in just about any room in the house.  A few examples of how I have used these with clients and in my home: office supplies, laundry room supplies, tea, shoes (go figure), stuffed animals, winter accessories (gloves, scarves, hats), kids toys, hair accessories, and craft supplies.  The options are endless, and you can pick up these clear shoe organizers just about anywhere like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, The Container Store, and Wal-Mart to name a few.

{Over the Door Handbag Organizer from Stacks and Stacks.}

5. Over the Door Handbag Organizer. This product is unique in that you are not limited by the size of a pocket or basket.  The hooks can hold tote bags, hats, purses, or more of various shapes and sizes.  You can see a beautiful example of this product used for hats in my Dream Closet-Jessica Alba post.

{Hide and Sink Caddy Photo from The Container Store}

6. Hide and Sink Caddy. I love this idea for either the kitchen or the bathroom.  Under a kitchen sink use this caddy to hold sponges and dish soap.  Many bathrooms are challenged with a lack of drawers.  If that is the case for you, this could make things very handy and easy to reach in a bathroom cabinet. Just inside the cabinet door you could use this caddy to hold brushes, hairspray, lotions and more.

{StickOnPods for bathroom/medicine cabinet.}

7. Stick On Pods. In a small space these can work wonders!  Many small bathrooms have limited or no counter space, and these tiny containers can get all those small bathroom items pulled together in one space.  These may be small, but they can offer just the right amount of storage you need.

Over-The-Door Ironing Board

{Over The Door Ironing Board photo from Bed Bath & Beyond.}

8. Over the Door Ironing Board. The Over the Door Ironing Board is one of my favorite inventions of all times!  Why? Because finding the right place to store an ironing board is such a challenge.  Getting the ironing board out, setting it up, and putting it away can be a daunting task for some people.  This ironing board is easy to open, easy to put away, and easy to store.  Love this!

{Necklaces on Command Hooks from Sew Many Ways.}

9. Command Hooks by 3M.  Command Hooks are also among my favorite inventions of all time! Because they come in so many sizes and styles, these hooks are amazingly versatile.  You can use them on the back of a door, on a closet door, or even behind a cabinet door in the kitchen or bathroom.  You can hang bathrobes, baseball hats, umbrellas, jackets, jewelry…again the options are endless!

{Overdoor Valet Rod from The Container Store.}

10. Overdoor Valet Rod.  If you have a small laundry room, or no laundry room at all, this is a great way to add some hanging space.  Use the rod to: hang damp clothes that needs a little extra drying time, hang clothes on for an upcoming trip, separate clothes that you want to donate, pull out clothes the next day to work or school.

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