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Organizing Kids’ Clothes

by Angela On August 22, 2012

{Personalized Days-of-the-week Hanging Organizer from Lilian Vernon.}

For many families the first day of school is right around the corner.  As exciting as this might be there is also the stress of trying to get out the door on time.  One thing you can do to make this process go smoother is to plan outfits in advance.  If your child is young you can help him or her do this.  Think about the days ahead and whether or not your kids have after school activities that involve changing clothes or putting on a uniform like swimming, football, or dance.  Take a few minutes Sunday night to get all the clothes ready for the week (school clothes and after school clothes).  This will also help you in case you suddenly find you have to wash a uniform, better to do it now than at midnight the night before!

If you have children or teens that are older they can do this themselves and you may find they don’t want to lay all their clothes out for the entire week, but maybe just the clothes for the next day.  That’s fine too, it will help keep the chaos clear for the next morning.

{Photo from Organizables.}

Fortunately some very clever people have already come up some great systems to help make this process easier for us!  At the top of the page you will see the over the door Days-of-the-week Hanging Organizer from Lilian Vernon.  It’s simple and easy and it goes over the door!  Love that!

In the picture just above you will see the day of the week hanging bags from Organizables.  Another super smart idea! The hanging bags keep the clothes wrinkle free and the clear side allows you or your child to see what is inside.  These are more portable so they are great for kids that may be traveling between Mom’s house and Dad’s house or taking them to activities like dance etc.

{Closet organizing idea from IHeart Organizing.}

Above you can see a fun and fabulous DIY option from Jen at I Heart Organizing.  You can use store bought closet rod dividers like the ones seen below from The Container Store or you can make your own like Jen did above (see I Heart Organizing for how to).



back to school organization 1wm

{Photo from The Idea Room}

 The idea above comes from Amy at The Idea Room.  After trying something that didn’t work last year this year she decided to use a drawer to hold the weekly clothes.  When the kids put away the weekly laundry they can choose what clothes they want to wear for the upcoming week!  It’s a two for one!  Love it!

{Shoezooz stickers.}

If you have little ones who still need help figuring out their left from their right here is a really neat product I found.  Shoezooz stickers are like a little puzzle so when the puzzle pieces line up it will reveal which shoe goes on the left and which goes on the right.  What a great idea!  This will help save Mom and Dad time in the morning and give little ones more independence.

Tomorrow I will show you the super simple one product makeover I did to help my kids get their clothes ready for school each week!

I know my kids are so sleepy in the morning and anything we can do the night before is a huge help.  What are you doing to help keep things moving in the morning with your kids?


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