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Dream Closet – Whitney Port

by Angela On August 17, 2012

{TV star Whitney Port’s Closet from HGTV.}

This week’s dream closet is truly dreamy!  It’s so dreamy I could hardly find anything that needed tweaking!  So let’s take a look inside The Hills star Whitney Port’s closet in this weeks The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

The Good
This really could go on and on so I will try to give you the abbreviated version for you. Let’s start with the lights.  The recessed lights give tons of light exactly where you need it and the chandelier gives a splendid splash of glamour. L-O-V-E!  What can I even say about the boots??? Perfection.  Excellent height and forms to fit the boots, what more can someone ask for?

I really like how they used the boxes above the hanging clothes on the right hand side of the photo.  These boxes look like they are the Linen Drop Front Sweater boxes from The Container Store. If you need something from the box you can simple open the door rather than take down the entire box.

I must admit one of my favorite parts of this closet is the sweater shelves. Why on earth would I choose that, you might be asking yourself?  Because I’m an organizing geek of course!  But really the spacing between the shelves that the sweaters sit on is perfect because it will only fit two bulky sweaters or about 4-5 thin sweaters on each shelf. This helps eliminate having to grab a sweater from the bottom of the stack and causing an entire stack of seven sweaters to topple over.  Genius!

The Bad
Sometimes this part is torturous to me because I just can’t find anything in the very simple pictures I am looking at without knowing details about the person. But in this case the area I would say could use some improvement would be putting the sweaters in color order.

The Reality
If you can takeaway anything from this closet consider the lighting.  I have worked with tons of people who have terrible lighting in their closets or no lighting at all!  Bad lighting will only waste your time and land you in the middle of an important meeting or social event with two different shades of navy shoes on.  Running back and forth from the closet to another room with better lighting when you’re in a hurry is a terrible waste of time.

What was your favorite part of Whitney’s closet?  What would you do to improve your closet if you could wave a magic wand?

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