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Dream Closet – Ryan Lochte

by Angela On August 3, 2012

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Okay Dream Closet and Olympic fans do I have a Gold Medal worthy post for you today!  A few weeks ago I found this picture of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s closet.  I was so excited that I could tie the Olympics to my Dream Closet series.  The only problem was I could only find this one picture.  Well, it just so happened that my husband and I are Olympic fanatics, I’m not kidding, we have had the Olympics on non-stop since it started, we even had an opening ceremony party!  A few evenings ago my husband said you’ve got to see this their showing someone’s closet.  To my luck it was Ryan Lochte, soooo, because I am SO dedicated to you my readers I did the only thing I could think of, take pictures of the TV screen so I could share Ryan’s closet with you!  So here are MY exclusive photos of Ryan Lochte’s closet in this weeks, The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.  By the way today, August 3rd, is also Ryan’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Ryan and congratulations on all your medals!

The Good
Well Ryan certainly loves shoes and fortunately he has a closet that fits his collection like a glove.  The height between each shelf is practically perfect and maximizes every inch of his closet.  In case you’re wondering it looks like Ryan has approximately 76 pairs of shoes, give or take.

In the photo above you can see how Ryan grouped his suiting pieces and his dressier shoes together.  Nice!  If you look at the top of the photo you can see the white moulding or trim, which means the ceiling is just inches away.  You might be asking yourself: why is that important?  Because it demonstrates  again how Ryan uses that space perfectly.  It is a pretty small space and he managed to find something that fit perfectly while keeping with his suiting theme.


In the photo above you can see Ryan being interviewed by John Mc Enroe.  What’s notable in this photo is if you look just over Ryan’s head you can see he is storing or displaying his hats on the shelf above his shirts.  Honestly, this is one of the best ways I have seen to display hats, especially baseball caps.

I know this next photo is making all of us jealous!  Yes, Ryan has an island with a glass top that features his bling!  You can see he has velvet lined organizers for his watch collection.  Well done!

The Bad
I like that fact that all of Ryan’s hangers match, but I don’t think the white tube hangers fit in with the bling of this closet!  I hate to say it, but yes Ryan you need to spring for some more masculine wooden hangers.  It would make this gorgeous closet complete.

The Reality
With its dark rich wood and hunter green paint Ryan’s closet definitely has a man-cave closet feel.  Don’t ignore paint color in the closet.  As you can see with Ryan’s closet the paint can make a dramatic difference.  In this case it  gives this closet a richer tone and feel.  Remember paint is an inexpensive way to give any room, even a closet a very different look.

As I mentioned earlier Ryan takes advantage of every inch of his closet.  You can too.

So what do you think about Olympian Ryan Lochte’s closet?  What was your favorite part?

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