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Dream Closet: Julie Bowen

by Angela On August 31, 2012

{Modern Family’s Julie Bowen’s closet. Photo from House and Home}

With summer wrapping up it’s almost time for our favorite TV shows to help bring the laughs back to our weeknights. In this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality we will look at the closet of Julie Bowen (AKA: Claire Dunphy) from one of my favorite shows Modern Family.

The Good

How yummy is this closet?  It’s beautiful, simple, it has character and the glam factor.  Love the pulls on the drawers, love the lamp, love the frames on the side of the vanity!  But my two favorite things about this closet are the drawers and the sitting area or vanity.  Let’s start with the drawers.  These drawers are wonderful because there are so many, which is often something most people don’t have enough of. Drawers are great because they can keep everything concealed and looking nice and neat.  These drawers are both a great size in height and width.  Then drawers are too deep people tend to loose track of the items that are tucked away at the bottom of the drawer.  When drawers are too wide, they tend to get messy easier because of the vast amount of space.  You can use drawer dividers to help curb that problem.

The sitting area.  Oh, what I would do to have a sitting area or vanity to put on my make up.  The vanity seems to be one thing that females are obsessed with from tiny toddlers to grown women.  It difficult to tell if Julie actually uses this area as a vanity, but  it looks spectacular and very practical because of the proximity to the drawers.

The Bad

I find the organization of the shelves is confusing.  There are shoes on the left side, shoes on the right side mixed with sweaters and small clutches, and surely there are probably shoes somewhere else that we can’t see in this picture.  How does she know where a pair of shoes is when they are here, there, and over there?  I’m also not sure why the shoes are displayed two different ways with one row of toes facing front and another with heals facing front.  Not liking that.

The Reality

There is a lot of empty space on those shelves.  For Julie this may not be a problem because her closet may be large enough to hold everything she has, but for the average person, this is typically not an option.  Julies space could be maximized by folding sweaters so that two stacks could fit on each shelf.  The lovely but tiny clutch purses could be put in a shallow drawer or put in beautiful decorative boxes that could hold several and stack to help increase her storage space.  Another option would be to adjust the shelf height so that there is not so much empty space between the shelves that the clutches are on.

What do you love about this Modern Family stars closet?

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