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Pegboard Organizing

by Angela On July 17, 2012

{Image from Home Made Simple.}

Pegboards, pegboards, and more pegboards!  Right now I am head over heels for pegboards.  Don’t be surprised if you see one in a project or post in the near future (hint, hint).  So I have been searching high and low to find different ways to use pegboards and how to make them look, well…less like pegboards.

In the picture above from Better Homes and Gardens they added a decorative frame to the  pegboard and painted the frame, pegboard, AND the pegboard hooks all the same color!  Wow!  Painting the pegboard hooks the same color as the pegboard makes a huge difference!  This is one of the best looking pegboards I’ve seen!

{Image from Lookie What I Did.}

Okay, maybe this is the best pegboard I have seen!  Could you even tell this is a pegboard?  Missy from Lookie What I Did has a complete tutorial on her blog of how she created this amazing covered pegboard!  She used fabric to disguise this pegboard and it looks super stylish and functional!  I LOVE it!

{Image from Better Homes and Garden.}

The above pegboard walls are from BHG and what makes these stand out above the rest is how they used paint to define the sections where different tools to go.  This is a great way to give a pegboard some order without having to outline the individual tool.

{Image from Technicolor Dreams.}

The pegboard above uses a painted patter to draw your eye away from the pegboard holes.  Don’t be afraid to paint a pattern on your pegboard.

{Image from Better Homes and Gardens.}

This is a really neat, creative, and simple way to use a pegboard.  Insert a pegboard into a drawer and add wooden dowels to hold plates and bowls in place.

{Photo from Desire to Inspire}

This was just too beautiful not to share!  Although it is very similar to the first pegboard I showed you, on this pegboard they did NOT paint the hooks the same color as the pegboard.  Do you think they should have?

Scrapbook supply storage

{Photo from Better Homes and Gardens}

Now this is a different pegboard! The clear pegboard is something you don’t see everyday and it does NOT look like your typical pegboard.  You can order clear pegboards and accessories online from Azar. I have been mulling it over for months where I could use one of these clear pegboards!  I still haven’t come up with the right spot, but I would love to see your project or hear from you if you decide to use it in your space.

See more of my pegboard picks at my Pinterest Boards.

What is your favorite pegboard tip or trick?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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