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Greeting Card Organizing

by Angela On July 3, 2012

Birthday cards, Father’s Day cards, cards for kids, sympathy cards, cards, cards, and more cards…AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Someone stop the card madness! Deep breath in, deep breath out, I can handle this.

Several years ago I started to collect different types of cards.  When I see a good card I like to get it because often times when I need a good one I can’t seem to find the right one.  Shortly after my collection started I bought this really beautiful basket to hold the cards.  At that point, 9 years ago, that was as far as I got.  Get a card, insert it into basket, repeat.  Fast forward nine years and two kids later and now my basket is overflowing as you can see in the photos above.  Plus if I’m looking for a card I have to dig through all the cards to find the one I want.  It’s an organizing nightmare!

So what’s an organized girl to do?  I started by Grouping the cards into categories based on what I had. I actually did this in the car on a short road trip! (I know I’m an organizing geek, I take organizing projects on the go!)  So you can do it and it won’t take long. Then I Reduced by getting rid of a few cards I knew I would NEVER use.

Next I Evaluated the situation.  I measured my box and thought about what I could use as dividers.  I thought about: index cards- too small; regular file folders that I would have to cut down- too much work; then I found them…the small folder dividers from Martha Stewart! The dimensions were perfect!

Next it was time to shop (AKA: Acquire the right tools)! I knew I had 15 categories so I picked up three packages of Marthas’ small paper dividers.  I already had the Avery Clear Return Address labels.  So I downloaded a template to print on the labels, typed in my categories, and then printed my labels.  My labels were a little long for the tabs so I had to trim the ends off as you see in one of the photos above.

After all the labels were added then it was time to Transform my boring, confusing, and overstuffed card holder into a beautiful and highly functional card organizer! Oh the joy!

You may have noticed that in the first picture there is a plastic insert that has two little spaces to hold small items and in the final transformation picture there is no sign of the insert. I found that without the plastic insert I was able to get in another section of cards (actually extra envelopes) in and still have some room so the cards are not completely squeezed together.

Ta da! There stands my fully transformed basket with NO leftover cards on top of it!  It was easy to do I just used my basic organizing steps: GREAT (Group, Reduce, Evaluate, Acquire, and Transform).

What do you think? Can you organize something using the GREAT system? Leave a comment below and let me know! Good luck!

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    Kind regards

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