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Dream Closet – Suzanne Somers

by Angela On July 20, 2012

{Photo from Hooked on Houses.}

The Good

Let there be light!  Lighting is SO important, especially in the closet!  Clearly Suzanne will not be left in the dark in this closet as you can see in the photo above she has a chandelier, track lighting, AND a lamp!  Wow!  Having the right amount of lighting is going to keep you from making an embarrassing fashion faux pas.  You know, like when you wear one black shoe and one navy shoe to work…not that I would know what that’s like…oh no, not at all.  Most people have the original light fixture in the closet that came with their house, regardless of how old or new the house is.  Just remember you can change the light fixture or even add lamps or additional lighting to you closet.

Another thing that makes Suzanne’s closet so fantastic is the mirrors.  The floor to ceiling wall of mirrors and the additional mirror on the side are amazing!  You wouldn’t have to walk far to see what a potential outfit looks like.  A+ for the mirrors.


The Bad

If you are a visual person and you like to see things, this would not be a good closet for you.  From what we can see in this picture all Suzanne’s clothes is behind all those closet doors. This is nice because it keeps the clothes free from dust, but if you like to look at your clothes all at once this could be a challenge.

The Reality

Suzanne has lots of accessories and decorations in her closet.  These items may look beautiful, but the reality is that they all have to be dusted on a regular basis.  This may not be that big of a deal if you have a housekeeper who dusts several times a week, but if you don’t you may want to go light on the accessories and deco items.

Overall Suzanne has a lovely closet that most people would swoon over.  This closet has tons of mirrors, great lighting, lots of drawers, a place to sit, and her clothes are protected from the dust.  Way to go Suzanne!  What is your favorite part of Suzanne’s closet?

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