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My goal is to help people create a space that supports them, mentally, physically, and aesthetically. When you are free from the chaos you have the capacity to create more of what you want.

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Win It Wednesday: Ball Claw

by Angela On June 6, 2012

Congratulations to Andrea Z., the winner of last week’s FreedomFiler kit! This week, we’re giving away a set of Ball Claws!

The Ball Claw is “a quick and easy way to organize sport balls in any garage, basement, or child’s bedroom”. Easily mounted on any surface, inside or out, these durable holders display, organize, and preserve the life of your favorite sports equipment.  No more loose sports balls rolling around your garage, or rummaging through crowded bins of equipment when you want to play!

We will be giving away a set of two Ball Claws–one football claw, and one soccer/vollyball claw (which will also hold a youth basketball). Each of these items comes with its own mounting equipment, and is valued at $11.99.

For more information or to purchase your own, visit the Ball Claw website.  Ball Claws are also available in some Container Store, Dick’s, and other retail locations.

To enter the contest, click below on “enter to win” and enter using your e-mail address or Facebook account. You can also leave a comment to this blog post or on our Facebook page! Entries must be received by 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Monday, June 11 (so that is a minute after mid-night Sunday night/Monday morning). Your e-mail address will not be used for any other purposes except notifying you if you are the winner. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years and older

Good luck!

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