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Tool Organizing: Part II

by Angela On June 17, 2012

{Storage Shed from BHG}

Happy Father’s Day!  I want to give you some short and sweet inspiring pictures of tool and storage sheds for Father’s Day.

Above you can see a large storage shed for gardening supplies. Although this shed is fabulous looking it looks like there is some wasted space in the middle.  I think it looks great, but I know my husband would say “where are you supposed to put the lawn mower?”  Be sure you are looking at both beauty and function.

{Tool Shed from the Mirror.}

This storage shed is much smaller and would be perfect if you know you have just a few things that you need to get out of the way (like folding chairs) or keep close by (like the shovels and gloves).

{Tool Shed from the Family Handyman.}

This storage shed may be small but it is mighty!  It is well organized so it packs in a TON of stuff into a small space.  The key to this shed is that they are using the back of the door to maximum capacity.  The metal bins on the left hand side can hold a lot of stuff and when the doors close they fill in some of the often unused space in the middle of the shed.

{Under-Eaves Storage from Sunset.}

Here is another small shed that packs a lot of punch in a small space.  This is an Under-Eaves shed that would attach to your house.  If you don’t have a lot of space this may be a good idea for you.  Just remember since this is so narrow you cannot get many big things in this shed.

Grab-and-Go Tool Storage
{Grab-and-Go Tool Storage by Family Handyman}

Moving into the garage, this could be the ultimate garage work zone! This mobile storage and work zone makes finding tools easy while offering a pull out work station.  This station seems to have it all!

{Homemade Tool Cabinet from Fine Woodworking.}

Last but not least here a a great picture of what could be the ultimate garage tool organizer.  To me it looks like organizing nirvana.  It seems like some type of angelic music should play when he opens those doors!  Again by using the doors for storage this organizer maximizes space.

  I hope these pictures gave you a few ideas for getting your garden and garage tools organized for dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

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