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Stylish File Storage Ottomans

by Angela On June 27, 2012

I recently received an e-mail from a reader who was asking where he could find the Bristol Storage Ottoman that I wrote about a few years back in What’s Hot in File Storage. He said the Bristol Storage Ottoman was no longer available at The Container Store. So rather than just give him a simple answer I looked into the options so I could share the file love with everyone.

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We love The Container Store for bringing us some of the most fabulous organizing products but here are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping. In general The Container Store carries some product year round, meaning they are standard or signature products that they will always have (unless they are temporarily sold out). Next, The Container Store carries some products on a regular basis but they change the color or fabric seasonally…so if you see a color you LOVE you may want to grab it while they have it. Finally, they also carry some items seasonally for example there are certain items they get in for “back to school” or during the holidays. I have also noticed that the “Gift Wrap Wonderland” in December followed by the “Annual Elfa Sale” in January take up a lot of store space and from what I have noticed they start narrowing down their product selection before this busy season hits. BUT…I have also noticed that although they may discontinue an item in one month- a few months later I may see a very similar item back at the store just for the season. The Container Store employees are usually excellent and are usually happy to help you find an answer so don’t be afraid to ask about a product.

Back to the question at hand; if you are looking for a file storage ottoman here are some options for you.
The most fabulous choice is appropriately called the File Storage Ottoman from Ballard Designs and is pictured above.  The big plus about this ottoman is that the fabric is customizable so you can get the ottoman in just about any color.  The negative is the price which can range from $299-$551 depending on the fabric you choose.  If you want the ultimate in style and function this is it!

From high style we move to budget friendly functionality with the Iceberg Otto Storage Ottoman from Office Max as pictured above.  This ottoman is priced at $39.99 and is offered with four different color choices.  This may not be the most stylish solution, but as pictured below it looks like it will get the job done.

Unfortunately that was all I found in the market for file storage ottomans.  If these options don’t work then I would keep an eye on The Container Store and Home Good Store (their stock is constantly changing and you just never know what you will find at Home Goods).  If you don’t mind doing a little work you can turn any storage ottoman into a file storage ottoman by adding a file box inside the ottoman.  Here are some options.