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Organizing Tools

by Angela On June 12, 2012

Tool bits storage

{Photo from BHG}

With Father’s Day just around the corner you may be able to convince the man in your life to get his tools or garage in order by giving him a gentle organizing nudge.  Trust me, I am taking notes to help my husband get his tools in order too!  After searching here are some of my favorite ideas to help get those tools in order.

I love the idea above from BHG to use a magnetic knife holder to hold the drill bits.  This makes the drill bits easy to see and grab.  You can pick up a magnetic knife holders for about $16.99-$26.99 at The Container Store or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Tool storage

{Photo from Woodworking Tips}

This is my FAVORITE! If you have ever tried to organize power tools you will quickly realize that they don’t all sit flat because they have cutting pieces and other parts that may hang below the main body of the tool.  So in the picture above you can see that the finished result and in the picture below you can see the diagram of this piece.  You can see where they cut holes and slits to fit the blades and pieces so the tools sit flush! LOVE this idea!

tool shelf

{Photo from Woodworking Tips}

A Kitchen Gadget, Repurposed:  A magnetic knife strip works just as well for storing tools as it does for holding knives and other metal utensils in your batterie de cuisine. Install a strip under the sink to keep basic tools, such as a hammer, a screwdriver, a utility knife, and a flashlight, easily accessible. You might also find them handy for items used frequently in other rooms—paintbrushes in the garage or decorative scissors and punches in the crafts room, perhaps.

{Photo from Apartment Therapy}

In the photo above you can see another use for the magnetic knife holder.  Clearly it’s a great versatile tool for SO many things! Let me know if you come up with something clever that we can share with our other readers.

Clever Tool Storage Ideas

{Photo from Family Handyman}

In the photo above you can see how repurposing a tie and belt holder can be used to hold wrenches or other tools.  I would take this one step further and use the top hooks to hold sockets or something small.  Belt and tie racks can be found at The Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond for approximately $9.99-$19.99.

Clever Tool Storage idea with pie pans.

{Photo from Family Handyman}

Bringing the kitchen into the garage use pie plates to store circular saw blades or sand paper discs.  The best thing about this is that you may already have an old pie plate you are not using or you can pick one up at a thrift store.  You could even give these plates a nice ultra glossy coat of paint!  So smart!!!

organizing tools

{Photo from I Heart Organizing}

If there is one project I have been mulling over and over in my head it is this, a peg board in the garage.  I found this from my favorite gal who knows how to combine a gorgeous look with function; Jen at I Heart Organizing!   The peg board is such a classic back to basics tool, but this one stands out with it’s bold red color.  I also like how a small shelf was added to the bottom of the peg board. You should be able to find peg board supplies from your local hardware store.

outline those tools!

{Photo from}

 Last but not least, if you (or your hubby) decide to use a peg board or just hang tools on a wall, a great way to see where everything goes (and to know what you are missing) is to outline each tool on your peg board.  The photo above is a great example of this idea!  Thanks Martha!

I hope these pictures and ideas have given you some hope…I mean inspiration for your tools.  If you complete a tool project please share by posting a comment below.


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  1. I love that above idea, because it has been arranged neat and tidy, so it is easy to find equipments in any emergency.

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