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Dream Closet – Steve Wynn

by Angela On June 15, 2012

 {Photo From Architectural Digest}

If you are the 512th richest man in the world, the chances are you have MANY closets, but in today’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality we will look at one closet from hotel tycoon Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas residence.

The Good

The first thing I like about this closet is that it is light and bright.  If you look at the two bars of hanging clothes you can see that there is under shelf lighting.  This makes seeing the color of your clothes so much easier and also prevents you from losing clothes in the deep dark depths of your closet.  There are many varieties of under shelf lighting that can be purchased pretty inexpensively.

I know that Steve’s dressing room is extensive, in fact it may be larger than some people’s bedrooms but I have to say that I love how everything is separated into categories.  The pants are all hung together, the jackets, the hats have their own little cubbies and the tie…oh the ties!  Wow!  Now that is how to organize ties!  It might be difficult to get past the large amount of space that the ties are taking up, but if you can you can see that this concept could be taking into any closet with a few simple rods.  You could even do this with towel bars which only take up about 24 inches.  You could use this same concept with women’s scarves.  SO many great ideas for that one feature!

The Bad

Compared to the amount of ties we are seeing I’m surprised that there aren’t more clothes.  It seems odd that the hanging area on the left hand side of the picture only has two jackets on it.  It also seems odd that there is nowhere for folded clothes.  We don’t see any drawers or shelves for folded clothing.  As usual we probably are not seeing the entire closet, but I still think this seems odd.

I also can’t stand to see wasted space and this closet has a lot of it.  For some reason I don’t think Steve is lacking storage space but for most people I would suggest adding a shelf over the ties, hats, and possibly the hanging spaces.

The Reality

Looking past the vastness of this closet there are many great fundamentals and ideas you can transfer to your closet like the great lighting, the full length mirrors, a place to sit, the way the clothes is grouped by category.  When you break this closet down into individual elements this closet really has many of the core pieces of organization in place.

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