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Dream Closet – LeBron James

by Angela On June 22, 2012

{Image from Underground Soles.}

{Image from Sneaker Files.}

LeBron James may be king of the court, but he also has an eye for style–in fact, his web-site has a “fashion” section.  So when I found pictures of his closet, I was beyond thrilled!

The Good

As you might expect LeBron has a lot of shoes.  What I like most about LeBron’s closet is that he is not afraid to put his shoes on the shelves in different ways.  Shoes typically take up more space if you store them with the both the left and right shoes facing the same direction.  In LeBron’s closet you can see how some of the shoes are stored on their sides heel to toe to really maximize the space.  Some shoes are stored with one standing and one on it’s side.  I love this because he is doing what works best for the situation at hand!!!  This is so important for everyone to realize.  Your space has it’s own unique qualities, and going with what works best for you is always the smartest thing to do and will give you longer lasting organizing success!  LOVE it!

The Bad

Too dark.  LeBron needs some additional lighting for all those shoes–especially the black and dark brown shoes.  Again, under-cabinet and under-shelf lighting has come a long way and there are many more options than there used to be.  Admittedly, LeBron has a TON of shelves and it would take a lot of lighting, but it’s nothing a good closet designer or lighting person has not seen.  Rev-A-Shelf has a line of lighting products called Tresco which has an amazing flexible lighting tape that can simply be cut with a pair of scissors to create custom lighting.

The Reality

Surprisingly, LeBron’s closet is not as elaborate as some other men’s closets we have seen like NY Yankee’s pitcher CC Sabathia’s ultra-luxurious closet  or Ralph Lauren’s closet.   LeBron’s closet does look like a custom closet, but the finishes make this closet more realistic for the average person.  Custom closets can add up quickly, and the more shelves and drawers you add, the higher the price.  The finish will also bring up the cost of the closet.  Again, you can see in CC Sabthia’s and Ralph Lauren that they have high end wood finishes on their closets.  LeBron’s is a pretty standard finish, it’s not the least expensive and it’s definitely not the most expensive.

As usual, I wish we could see LeBron’s entire closet, but it was fun to see his extensive shoe collection!

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