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Dream Closet – CC Sabathia

by Angela On June 8, 2012


{Photo from Architectural Digest}

Ladies, we know what you are looking for in a Dream Closet, but what about the guys?  In honor of Father’s Day this month I will be featuring some Dream Closets for the men!

Who better to start with than New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia?!  CC’s closet is actually a “dressing room” that contains ample storage space for his signature sneakers, a dry bar, a microwave, and refrigerator drawers, not to mention a little lounge space!  GOOD night!!!

So what is there to say about this closet? Let’s take an abbreviated The Good, The Bad, and The Reality to find out.

The Good
Really? From the gorgeous patterned  wood to the sleek sliver walls this closet is a dream for man or woman!  A full length mirror, a place to sit, a place to get food and drinks, and enclosed closets that keep clothes from getting dusty, those are just a few things I like about this closet.

The Bad
Okay, I know this is ridiculous, but since we are “dreaming” anyway, I have to say I can’t believe this closet doesn’t have a dishwasher!  I mean if you have a mini kitchen set up and you are going to be lounging around in your closet sharing a glass of wine with a friend you need a dishwasher!

The Reality
Men, I’m sorry, this closet is most certainly not realistic for the average man.  Why?   Because if you ever had this much space dedicate for a closet in your home it would most likely be taken over by your wife!

Thanks CC Sabathia, for having an amazing manly closet!


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