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Playroom Makeover Part 6 – Final Reveal!

by Angela On May 3, 2012

I am jumping for joy!  My girl’s playroom makeover is FINALLY complete!  I never would have thought it would have taken five months to complete (December-April), but it did.  So why did it take FIVE months and what lessons did I learn?  Some projects you can knock out in one weekend or one week if that is all you do every day in this case, I was working on this on just the weekends which makes the progress slower.  Second, as I often tell my clients life happens and sometimes gets in the way of our plans.  In January we had some major changes happen in our household that changed our entire lifestyle as a result I took about six weeks off from the project.  Then slowly started working on it one little section at a time.

Let’s take a look!


Here’s where it all started.  When we moved into our house as with many people we were just using what we had.  Unfortunately what we had worked great in our other house but it did not work well at all in our new house.  The bookcase was WAY too small and there simply was not enough storage for all the girls toys.  I had some in the closet but the girls were not able to reach them so they would/could never put them back.  It was an organizers nightmare!

You can see more before pictures on my previous post in this series Organizing Stuffed Animals.

I gave serious thought to what we would need to make this space work.  I also asked my girls what was most important to them.  THIS was key.  I asked them what was their favorite thing to play with? Answer: Dress up clothes and Barbies!  I ended up devoting almost the entire closet to dress up clothes see my previous post: Playroom Makeover Part 4 – Dress Up.

So I gave lots of thought to taking the shelves high and getting the most out of our tall room and finding solutions that would grow with the girls.  Above you can see I have three Expedit shelves from IKEA.  If, I mean, when the girls decide they don’t want to share a room anymore the shelves can be split up.  But for now they gave me a great wide space at the top to put something large!

Here is what the full Expedit bookcases look like. On the second row from the bottom we have games, games, games, and puzzles.

On the bottom row we have a box with doll stuff, a  few random cars and toys, tea sets and play dishes, and a box full of play food.  You can see the boxes up close on my previous post Playroom Makeover Part 3 – Box Refresh.

On the right hand side the top three cubbies are Barbie stuff.  To the right of the bookcase you can’t see the top of the bright pink Barbie house!

We keep a folding stool in the playroom so the girls can reach those things on the upper shelves.

I love this stool because it just tucks out of the way and is not a trip hazard when it is not being used!

I added these paper lanterns from IKEA and made the pink paper flowers.  The lanterns give us a beautiful light at reading time at night!  I wish I could capture how magical it is!  My girls love it!

I am not going to lie to you, I hate to sew, but I can if needed.  So, I made the bed skirt, which was pretty easy since I just bought a white bed skirt and attached my fabric to the front of it.  Then I made these pillow shams, which I must admit turned out AMAZING!  I have NEVER made a pillow sham so I was OH SO proud of myself!  I found a few tutorials one from Cottage Magpie and another from eHow and used those along with looking at a sham that I had.

I am not kidding when I say this is how the Barbie house looks on a daily basis and I did NOT do this!  One of my sweet little ones insists that the table must be set for Barbie!  Too funny!

Finally, here is one of my sweet girls getting her lip gloss out of her bag, exactly where she put it and knew it would be!  In the poodle purse of course!  My girls have LOVED the new playroom.  Although I have been working on it for months now, the bookcase was actually up in time for Christmas so they have been using that system for about four months now and I will say it has made my life SO much easier!  They cleaned up the playroom the other day in about 7 minutes!  It’s amazing.  Now that things have a place to go AND the girls know where the things are supposed to go they can and DO put things away!

I hope this has inspired you.  Please let me know what you think about our playroom makeover!

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