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Organizing The Car: Kids

by Angela On May 1, 2012

May is National Good Car-Keeping Month so this month I will be bringing you some tips and ideas on how to get your car organized.  May is also the month of Mother’s Day so today’s post will be filled with ideas on how mom’s can keep their kiddo’s organized on the go.  After all, what mother wouldn’t want a more organized car?!

(Izze Portable Car Organizer idea from Real Simple.)

This is such a great idea!!!  I LOVE this!  Time and time again when my kids are getting out of the car and I remind them to pick up their trash or bring in their water bottle and they say they can’t because their hands are too full.  I love this idea from Real Simple because the kids can easily tote everything in and everything out.  Even better, if tote gets messy you can just recycle it or toss it out.


(Shower caddy fast food holder idea from Lookie What I Did.)

Another great idea!  Eating food on the go is a struggle even for many adults, so what a brilliant idea this is from Missy at Lookie What I Did.  Use a plastic caddy to hold you child’s (or your) lunch without anything falling on the floor. Then you can use the paper bag the food came in as a trash bag.

(Pattern and image from tinkerfrog.)

One of the biggest car clutter problems is trash!  The best way to solve this is by adding a trash bag within arms reach.  You can add a super cute trash bag like Tara did in the picture above or you can be old fashion with a super simple grocery bag.  Personally I like the little blue diaper sacks from Sassy. I keep a stash of those in my car and when the girls fill one up we just grab another one.

(From Martha Stewart.)

This idea from Martha Stewart is an excellent way to keep a lot of items organized, off the floor, and off the seats. If you have children under four I would be careful with this as I have found my little one’s arms cannot reach the back to the seat.  This is both frustrating to her and me as I’m trying to drive.  In my opinion a system like this would work best for a mom with a baby to keep extra diapers and supplies organized or for an older child.

(IKEA Flort as car organizer idea by The Odd Mom Out.)

Elizabeth from The Odd Mom Out transformed an IKEA Flort (remote control organizer) into an in car organizer for her kids!  I love this because it is so much easier for the kids to reach!  Big kudos Elizabeth!

There we have it five ideas to help get your organizing juices flowing and help you on your adventure to car organization!

Good luck!






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