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Dream Closet – Ashley Tisdale

by Angela On May 18, 2012

A dream closet come true for Disney celebrity Ashley Tisdale. Photos from In Style Magazine online.  Let’s see what’s inside this Dream Closet in this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.


The Good.

Well what can I say, there is just so much!  One thing I notice right away is how Ashley displays things in her closet as if she were shopping at a store.  It’s very visual, but doesn’t look too cluttered to the eye.  She has her sunglasses, clutches and accessories in drawers with glass tops so she can see them.  Ashley has said: “If I don’t see something, I won’t remember I have it,” she explains. “In my last place I could never find anything.”  This change alone can make a huge difference for visual people.  Things still look neat and tidy, but she is still able to see everything.

The Bad:

Wow, I’m going to be honest it took me a while to find anything that was bad about this closet.  But there’s always room for improvement so I did find something.  If you look at the picture that shows Ashley’s jeans and handbags you will see two tall stacks of jeans in the center of the photo and three tall stacks of clothes to the right. Tall stacks of clothes are bad both functionally and aesthetically.  The stacks don’t work functionally because if you want to get something in the middle of the pile or near the bottom of the pile you have to carefully pick up the entire pile trying not to dump all the clothes over. Aesthetically the piles just look messy and often times look like they are about to topple over.  Adding a simple shelf or two could do wonders in this closet!

The Reality:

Ashley’s father is a contractor and built her home so she had lots of say in what was done, unfortunately most of us don’t have the ability to completely customize our homes, but you may have some options with a customized closet through a closet company.

But this is what separates the closets from the dream closets; Ashley’s closet takes up two of the four rooms in her home!  If we could all have TWO rooms as dedicated closets I think this world would be a happier place!  At least the women in the world would be happier!  Ha, ha!

Well Ashley, your closet has rightfully earned it’s dream closet status and made us all drool in the process!

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