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Eco-Organizing, Kids – Part 3

by Angela On April 17, 2012

{Photo found on Pinterest  From HGTV}

If you are new to the blog welcome!  Today’s post is Part Three in an earth friendly organizing series including Eco-Friendly Organizing Kitchen-Part 2 and Eco-Friendly Organizing – The Office Part 1.  Today we will looking a few ways to organize kids.

Ooh, ahh.   Who knew an old tin can could look so good?!  Recycle old aluminum cans to hold kids’ craft items.  By using containers that are the same color and finish it automatically gives an impression of being more tidy and pulled together. Don’t forget to label the containers so everyone knows where things go.  Remember large easy to read labels work best.

{Photo from BHG}

Time and time again I hear from people who are struggling with what to do with all those stuffed animals.  I love this idea from BHG!  If you are like me you may have purchased one of these wall mounted baskets for you garden only to discover how quickly they dry out and your plants die.  Sigh……… but never fear you can turn that planter into comfy spot for kiddo’s best friends.

{From Money See, Monkey Do}

How fun is this?!  It’s so bright and beautiful kids might even be inspired to keep up with the organization!  Jen from Monkey See, Monkey Do gives you the DIY instructions on her blog for creating this fun crayon organizer by painting the inside of old baby food jars.

{Photo from Brown Paper Packages}

If you have not seen these baby food containers from Gerber you are missing out! Above Kierste from Brown Paper Packages shows us how we can store some girls hair accessories using these baby food containers.  All I can say is let your imagination go wild with these!  There are SO many ways you can use these.  I have used them to store hair accessories, tiny little toys that tend to get lost, Box Tops for Educations, change in drawers, stickers, and much more I’m sure.

{From Heart Of Wisdom}

Are you a big coffee drinker?  If so you can recycle those old coffee containers into toy organizers.  Robin from Hear of Wisdom shares label templates for a variety of things and she offers several other ideas on how you can use coffee containers in other ways.  Oh, and she also shares the secret behind getting the coffee smell out of the coffee cans!

Happy kid organizing with a twist of green!

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