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Eco-Friendly Organizing, The Office – Part 1

by Angela On April 3, 2012

{Photo from Real Simple}  

In honor of Earth Day, April 22nd, this month I will be bringing you eco-inspired, green style, upcycling organizing ideas for different areas of the home.  I have been searching the web to find tons of ways to reuse, repurpose, or recycle common items to help you get more organized this spring.  So check the blog every Tuesday in April for my Eco-Friendly Organizing Series.

What is eco-friendly organizing?  Call it upcycling at its finest, it is organizing using common products in a different way than they were originally intended so that you don’t have to buy brand new products every time you have an organizing project.  Let’s get started by seeing what we can do with some old CD spindles and some cereal boxes.

Pictured above Real Simple Magazine shows us how we can use the tops and bottoms of cereal boxes (even the tiny single serving boxes) to organize an office supply drawer.  You could even use decorative paper or spray paint to make these match any color scheme. This is a great example of how organizing doesn’t have to be all about expensive containers.

Don’t toss out those old bread bag tabs!  Keep tabs of which cord is which by labeling bread tabs and attaching them to your cords.  Love this idea from Apartment Therapy.

{Photo from Pinterest }

Use an egg carton to catch small office supplies in a kitchen or desk drawer.

In contrast to the DIY cereal box idea from Real Simple, above they show us how to use mini loaf pans to organize office supplies.  In this photo you can even see that they put all those pans on a large cookie sheet.  Who knew muffin pans came in so many sizes!

{Photo from Make Magazine blog}

Repurpose those old CD/DVD spindles to keep your cords from becoming cord spaghetti!  Fill up one container with one long cord or add a few small cords.  Add label to the outside so you know what kind of cord it is without having to open the box each time you need something.

{Photo from Shelterness}

Reuse old tuna or chicken cans to organize office supplies in a drawer.


{Photo from Pinterest}

Altoid tins have tons of uses, but here we see how you can repurpose these tiny tins into drawer organizers.

Woo!  So there are seven different eco-friendly ways for you to start getting your home office organized.  Which one will you try?

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