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Eco-Friendly Organizing, Kitchen – Part 2

by Angela On April 10, 2012


In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd) this month I am bringing you some eco-friendly ways to organize different areas of your home. We’ll look at some ways to organize using recycled containers and how you can make them more stylish.  The picture above from Ready Made is the triple threat of upcycling: it uses recycled material, it is functional, and it is stylish.  Oh and it’s unique!  In the picture above Ready Made used 3 1/2″ x 36″ mailing tubes to create a unique and green wine rack. This is an amazing idea!


{From Frugal Decor Mom.}

Spice jars come in all shapes and sizes.  One way to trick the eye into making things look more organized is to use the same containers in the same colors.  Most people get that look by purchasing a new set of matching spice jars, but you can get that same look by using baby food jars with matching lids.  Lois at Frugal Decor Mom painted the lids with chalk board paint so you can easily label the lids and they look nice and tidy!  What a great idea!