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Dream Closet – Nicky Hilton

by Angela On April 13, 2012

{Photo from In Style Magazine, 2011}

Pull out all the stops because this is a very different closet than any other Dream Closet I have posted!  What’s so different, you ask?  Look at the picture.  Now back at me, now back at the picture, now back at me…  Ha, ha! Old Spice commercial I digress.  In all seriousness can you see anything different by looking at the picture above from In Style Magazine?

I will divulge in this Friday’s The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

The Good

Like all good dream closets Nicky’s closet is just stunning with the contrasting black and white accents.  At a glance we can also tell that Nicky appears to have ample hanging space.  Just like in Khloe and Kim Kardashian’s and Oprah’s closet you can also see that she has the oh-so coveted center island with tons of drawers.

So here is the good part, here is what sets Nicky’s closet apart from all the other closets you have seen in our Dream Closet series.  It is the closet directly behind Nicky that is enclosed in glass doors.  That’s it!  So technically, this entire room could be considered more of a “dressing room” than a closet.  Unlike the average person many celebrities have dressing rooms with a series of small closets within the dressing room.  Nicky’s is well done because of one simple yet brilliant detail; the glass doors.  Her clothes are still visible but they are free from dust!  How beautiful is that!  These mini-closets in her dressing room can also be used to group different types of clothing.  You could put winter items in one, summer in another, etc.  She even has handbags at the top, which again could be coordinated with the season.  L-O-V-E this!

The Bad

I’m not really sure what is going on with those hangers.  It appears that Nicky has a mishmash of mismatched hangers.  There are red, black, white, and maybe a few other hangers in there.  That is a huge distraction to the eye especially with how fabulous this closet is.  If you like color and want to have color you should either pick one color and stick to it or match the hanger color to the color of the clothing for each item.  When I look at Nicky’s closet my eye first goes to the bright hanger and then moves down to the clothing.  That IS NOT how it should be.  The hanger is NOT more important than the clothing.  Your eye should first go to the gorgeous garment.

Although a window in the closet can be lovely and the natural light is great for dressing, the sunlight can also fad clothing.  So be careful if you have windows in your closet especially if the window gets direct sunlight.

The Reality

You may think this is crazy, but a closet like this is achievable for many people!  I had a client who recently remodeled her home and she had the closet made into a very small master sleeping room.  All that was in there was the bed and the two side tables but it was still warm and cozy.  The room that would be the traditional Master was turned into a dressing room where the walls were lined with closets similar to Nicky’s above.  There were probably about 5-6 of the small closets total.  Each had hanging space and some had drawers in the bottom.  In the middle of the room there was a lovely and inviting sitting area.

So many people say that they don’t have enough storage space and end up using their bedroom as additional storage space.  So why not flip the closet with the master? Think of all the storage space you would gain!  I think it’s a great idea!

What do you think?  Could you switch your closet and bedroom?

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