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Dream Closet – Jessica Alba

by Angela On April 6, 2012

Jessica Alba in her closet with wide-brimmed hats hanging down the left side and shelves of shoes on the right.

OMG!  I’m in closet bliss!  This picture of Jessica Alba’s closet may not be showing much, but the delight is in the details! Here are my thoughts on this tiny tiny section of Jessica Alba’s closet.

The Good

Everything! Ha, ha!  Let’s start with the hats.  I have seen those hat racks before but was never 

impressed with them aesthetically, but in this closet the way the hats are displayed looks more artistic than utilitarian.   You can see just below Jessica’s lifted foot where the system attaches or clips to the door.  Organizing things behind the door “doorganizing” is a great way to get more out of a small space. I love it!  I’m not sure which rack is being used in this picture, but you can find a variety of this system at Bed Bath & Beyond as seen to the right. I also found another variety on Organize It.

Let’s get to the shoes!  Just like in Khloe Kardashian’s closet Jessica’s shoes are being displayed with one facing forward and one facing back (toe & heel).  This is a fabulous space saving tip!  So BIG kudos for that!

Now here is the Pièce de résistance for me.  If you look closely at the spacing between the shelves that the shoes are on you can see that they adjusted the shelf height based on the height of the shoes.  So all the heels are on the same shelf that probably has about 6-8 inches between each shelf. The flats are probably on a shelf that has about 3-4 inches between the two shelves.  This is brilliant!  Adjustable shelves are worth every penny!  She is saving TONS of space simply by adjusting those shelves.

The Bad

As is the case with most of these Dream Closets the only bad thing is that I can’t see any more of it.  Especially since she is using SO many great organizing ideas in 6-8 feet that we can see.  I would guess Jessica is either a very organized person by nature or has an AMAZING Professional Organizer!

The Reality

There is nothing about this closet that you could not do!  Woo!

Oh me! That was so exciting! I hope you got some dream closet inspiration.  What did you think about Jessica Alba’s closet? Leave me a comment and let me know.

P.s. those shoes she’s wearing are awesome!



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