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Dream Closet – Fergie

by Angela On April 27, 2012

{Photo above Fergie’s closet from In Style Magazine 2011}

Hands down it looks like Fergie is the Queen of the color-coded closet!  Let’s break down Fergie’s closet this week with The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

The Good

Fergie is really working the organizing by color of the rainbow with her clothes as you can see in the photo above to the right hand side of the screen (see my previous post on Organizing by Color of the Rainbow here).  On the left hand side of the screen you can see how she has her white, cream, and black separated.  Nice!  This can make things much easier as you are trying to get ready in the morning.  If you are looking for a black top, you know exactly where to go to find one.

In the photo above I like how the space for the tiny handbags is maximized by adjusting the shelf height to fit.  She has a TON of small clutches or billfolds and you can easily see EVERY one of them.   Fergie’s belts, scarves, and accessories are also organized in their own long compartments much like you would see in a kitchen for baking sheets.  What a unique idea!  You could also use the glide out hooks to make retrieving the items in the back easy.  Like the one shown below from Rev-A-Shelf.

The Bad

As you can see in all the pictures Fergie clearly does not have enough space for her extensive shoe collection.  It looks like she has about 72 pairs on her shoe shelves, several tucked under her hanging pants, and several pairs lining the closet floor near her accessories.  Fergie could gain a little extra room by adjusting the height on some of the shoe shelves.  She could gain 1-2 shelves on the right hand side of her closet by making a few adjustments to the shelves.

{From the September 29, 2008 issue of People Magazine.}

The Reality

Above you can see another picture of Fergie’s closet back in 2008.  Interestingly, much of the closet has remained very much the same.  But one thing that really jumped out to me was that Fergie changed how she hangs her pants!  Am I crazy for noticing that?  Probably!  But who cares, everything I do is for you!!!  Here’s why.  So what’s the big deal about how Fergie hangs her pants?  A big part of staying organized is being able to easily put things away.  If it is not easy to put things away, you simple won’t do it.  So if putting your pants back on clamp style hangers is too difficult then you may want to switch to something else.  In the 2011 picture of Fergie’s closet it’s difficult to tell if they changed hangers or simply just folded the pants and are using the same hanger.  Regardless, the point is if something is not working well in your closet- change it!

So what do you think about Fergie’s closet?  I would guess she has some natural tendencies towards being organized!  What was my favorite part of Fergie’s closet?  Well besides the obvious of the clothes beautifully organized by color, I would have to say the big giant fluffy ottoman!  I think a place to sit in or near the closet is a must, and this oversize fluffy ottoman is amazing!  What about you?

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