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Staples ARC Customizable Notebook

by Angela On March 27, 2012

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AT the NAPO 2012 Conference I had the chance to see the new Staples ARC Customizable Notebooks and I love them!  What makes these notebooks different than any other notebook you ask?

The system uses plastic discs to hold the notebook together rather than a spiral or the three rings found in a standard binder.  Here’s how the ARC system works.  Imagine what the paper looks like when you tear out a sheet from a spiral notebook.  You are left with a frayed edge that cannot be added back to the spiral.  The ARC system has mushroom shaped “holes” that allow you to add and remove the paper easily without having to open and close a binder to move paper around.

It makes moving paper around SO easy.  You can use it for ANY type of paper, magazine clipping, worksheet, or any kind of paper!  I just love it!

Click below to see a video of me demoing the new ARC system from Staples.


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